Patty thought Linda Goudsmit tells it like it is, in this column, which we have courtesy of S.T. Lloyd’s blog, Serve Him in the Waiting. Ms. Goudsmit’s work is regularly seen at goudsmit@pundicity.com .       –LD


  1. Here’s a thought; every time a woman makes a false accusation along these lines, she actually weakens the protection of all women. When such an accusation is made frivolously, it means that somewhere down the line, women accusing men of sexual misconduct will have to fight to establish credibility when making such an accusation. This weakens the position of women whom have actually been victims of such misconduct.

    There’s a great story about this; one most of us have read, entitled “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. When someone calls the police because their pizza order is taking too long, they are weakening, very slightly, the credibility of anyone that calls the police, for any reason. When the police dispatcher has to vet calls for credibility, instead of dispatching without reservation, we are all slightly less protected. If this happens often enough, we end up a lot less protected.

    Kavanaugh would tip the balance of the Supreme Court and make it quite likely that Rowe vs. Wade would be overturned. The Left sees this as their cause celebre and will fight tooth and nail to prevent it. At this point, it would seem that they are willing to abandon all pretense of honesty or civility to get their way. It’s truly dismaying to see, and all the more so when one stops to contemplate the august nature the Supreme Court is supposed to embody.

    The Supreme Court is supposed to be the final arbiter of what is, and what is not legal, under the Constitution of the United States. These are suppose to be the sober, mature voices of our society and should be persons of wisdom, experience and sound judgment. However, ever since the eighties, every nomination, every appointment, has been a media circus and if the nominee was anything but part of the Far Left, they were subject to humiliation and ridicule, not to mention specious accusations which appear plausible only to those with a Leftist political agenda.

    My only hope is that the behavior of the Left will appall enough people that their credibility will simply cease to exist.

    1. For years the Democrats used the Court to do their dirty work, pushing through “laws” that never had enough public support to be legislated in the usual way. That’s what they’re fighting to protect. And they don’t care how badly they wound the country, as long as they get their way.

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