Some Justice (at least)

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One of the symptoms is crime…

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A former aide to a Democrat U.S. senator has been sentenced to four years in prison for “mass doxxing of Republicans,” “the largest data breach in Senate history” (

“Doxxing” means the online broadcast of personal information for the purpose of intimidation–in this case, an effort to intimidate Republican senators from voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court last year. The judge called it “a rather vicious offense.” For some inscrutable reason, the social media giants don’t ban it. At least, not when a leftid does it.

Jackson Cosko, who was an aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH), will get four years in prison plus three years’ probation. His accomplice has been charged with tampering with evidence in a criminal case.

The judge cited a Democrat’s 2017 attempt to assassinate Republican members of Congress as they were enjoying a baseball practice. Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and almost killed.

Democrats have this idea that their political positions are so ineffably right that it’s permissible to terrorize anyone who disagrees with them: mobbing them on the street, chasing them out of restaurants–and using the social media to encourage more “activists” to do the same. This, said the judge, has to be stopped.

We applaud Republican senators for not giving in to this. Had Kavanagh’s appointment been defeated by such tactics, it would have set a precedent very dangerous to the survival of our constitutional republic.

Read Plutarch’s descriptions of the last days of the Roman Republic–gangs supporting rival politicians hunting each other through the streets as the rule of law dissolved in violence. The end result was the replacement of elected representatives by an emperor who had to be worshiped as a god–or else.

I think Democrats would like that–don’t you?

‘Shock! Justice Scalia Believes in the Devil’ (2013)

Leftids were appalled, five years ago, when Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia admitted to believing in the Devil.

In the wake of the Kavanagh hearings this year, how much imagination does it take to envision Democrats declaring that no one who believes in the existence of the Devil, let alone God, is fit to serve on the Supreme Court–or any other court?

Always presuming they haven’t said so already…

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 11 (‘Do We Want to be “Transformed”?’)

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I won’t forget the image of those Democrat wack-jobs clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court while Brett Kavanagh was being sworn in, and neither should you. What would they have done, if they could have broken down the doors?

Welcome to a fundamentally transformed America!

Really, we must not allow this to continue.

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

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At this writing, we are told the Senate this afternoon will vote to confirm Brett Kavanagh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. He’s expected to win by two votes. If that’s what happens, you won’t need me to tell you that it has. We’re going to watch Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein this afternoon. Sanity medicine. And my wife is having a bad day, so please keep praying for us.

What I can’t predict is to what degree of hysteria Democrats will react to this. They’ve already thrown everything at Kavanagh but the kitchen sink. Even wishy-washy Susan Collins seems to understand that if we allow the Democrats’ tactics to prevail, we will have lost our country.

Will they calm down now, or ramp it up even higher? Who knows? They’ve been in a blind rage since Election Night of 2016 and they haven’t calmed down yet.

What our country needs is a total wipe-out of Democrats in next month’s midterm elections. And if you’re registered to vote, that’s where you come in. An electoral disaster is the only punishment we can impose. We must not fail to do it.

The Left’s New Juggling Act

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Brett Kavanagh is not entitled to the presumption of innocence, an integral part of due process, Democrats now say, because “he’s just a guy who’s up for a job” and “as a job applicant, he’s not due any process in this context” ( Dig the hypocrisy.

And so, because a Senate confirmation hearing for a Supreme Court justice is not a court of law, trying a criminal case, any old unsupported, wild accusation against the judge can stand.

I think I’d be kind of upset if I applied for a job and didn’t get it because some political enemy said I kidnapped the Lindbergh baby. I don’t know the labor or the libel laws, but I think I’d have some recourse there–don’t you?

Democrats don’t come out and say that Kavanagh is not entitled to a presumption of innocence, because any number of them might need that presumption somewhere along the way. Nor can they say they’re rejecting him because they don’t like his political orientation, because that’s never been grounds for rejecting a presidential appointment. So they have to do the best they can with pure hysteria.

This controversy is no longer about Brett Kavanagh. It is about how things are to be done in this country from now on. It’s about whether regular, orderly procedures still apply or have been replaced by brutal character assassination.

If the Senate now fails to confirm him, it means the bad guys win. And we will all be living in a different kind of country than the kind we lived in only yesterday.

Kavanagh Throwed A Ice Cube!

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Brett Kavanagh cannot “under any circumstances” be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice: because, according to a crack investigative reporter for The New York Times who has won awards for investigating cracks, Kavangh in 1982 threw a piece of ice at someone.

“It it true and I has proof!” writes investigative journalist Rodney Fungus. “I has got the very ice cube he throwed at a guy in 1982 and there is the picture of it if you don’t believe me but it really is proof and I should ought to get one of them Pulitzer Prizes for it!”

Fungus says he has not yet tracked down where the incident took place, or when, although he’s pretty sure it must have been 1982 “because Jimmy Carter he was president that year and I remember seeing him on TV,” nor has he yet interviewed any witnesses. “I don’t need to do none of that stuff,” he adds. “A woman told me about this disgraceful incident so it must be true.”

Another Warning from History

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Thucydides–we ought to listen to him.

I gather from reading Thucydides’ history of the Peloponnesian War, in which he participated personally as a general of Athens, that the one thing, more than any other, that destroyed Athens’ primitive democracy was hysteria. A perfect storm of politics, personality clashes, and sheer irrational decision-making moved the Athenians, just when they had gained the upper hand against the Spartans, to declare war on Syracuse–for no good reason!–the most populous and best-defended city in the ancient Greek world.

The Athenian fleet and army, commanded by the one general, Nicias, who opposed the scheme–his political enemies put him in charge to punish him–went to Sicily and tried to conquer Syracuse by siege. The result was Athens’ entire army wiped out or captured, and the loss of the war to Sparta. The victors abolished Athens’ form of government, erased the Athenian leadership, and saw to it that Athens never rose again.

It makes for rather grim reading.

Knowing their history, our country’s founders chose not to give America a democracy, but rather a republic, a more stable form of government. But even a republic must be carefully maintained if it is to survive: and in our case, many of our leaders seem to think the United States is an Athenian-style “democracy,” and act accordingly.

And so hysteria, just as it did in Athens long ago, is gaining the upper hand.

There are no compelling reasons not to confirm Brett Kavanagh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. What we have, instead, is a lust for power among Democrats, who have long used the Court as a way to impose their will on America–think abortion, and “gay marriage”–via innovations that never had enough public support to be legislated in the ordinary way.

And as anyone can see who follows the news, their chief weapon in this power struggle is hysteria. They are more than willing to circumvent, or even destroy, such obstacles as presumption of innocence, the requirement of actual evidence to sustain an accusation, and ordinary decency–anything to get their way.

Now it has come down to this: Kavanagh must be confirmed by the Republican majority in the Senate, if these tactics are not to prevail and become the whole new way of deciding public policy in America.

This controversy has become our Syracuse.

The Senate Republicans must overcome their habitual cowardice and stand up for the rule of law against the rule of hysteria.

We’ll be in terrible trouble if they don’t.


Patty thought Linda Goudsmit tells it like it is, in this column, which we have courtesy of S.T. Lloyd’s blog, Serve Him in the Waiting. Ms. Goudsmit’s work is regularly seen at .       –LD

Kavanagh Cheated at Football!

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Well, they’ve got the goods on him now! Judge Brett Kavanagh will never be confirmed to the Supreme Court… because, years ago, he cheated in a football game.

Democrat senators have turned up an eyewitness to the cheating. Che Lastima, an activist with Everybody Is Nazis But Us, describes the incident he saw. Mr. Lastima, 29, is a student majoring in Minority Gender Studies at Fimbo College University.

“I seen it in a football game, it was many years ago but the memory it is seared, seared, seared into my memory! Brett Kavanagh, he was playing football, and he was the quarterback, and he throwed a long, long pass, 45 yards if it was a foot–to hisself! And it is against the rules to throw a long pass to yourself, and he runned real fast and caught it, and he made a touchdown, and it was just total dirty cheating! Also he is a racist!”

“This alone is enough to disqualify him,” said Sen. Diane Feinstein.

Asked where, exactly, that particular football game was played, Mr. Lastima skillfully parried, “Only a white supremacist would ask that question!”