Where Do Idiots Come From?

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One of the things that our, ahem, “higher education” system has done is to create persons who, outside of their own particular specialty, know nothing. Some of ’em don’t even know much within their specialty. But ignorance doesn’t stop any of them from ignorantly pontificating to the rest of us.

So where do idiots come from?

They are created by our education system and our popular culture working hand-in-glove together. The result is an earwig like Jim Carrey, Bumbo Colbert or whatever his name is, who cares, and all the other motormouths prating on and on about subjects of which they know nothing.

That’s how they wind up saying things like “Socialism really works!” and “Science says the Bible’s just stories!” or “Abortion is only women’s health,” and so on. Actors. Actors who play journalists, reading from a teleprompter on the nightly cable news. Politicians, who have never, ever done anything in their lives but talk. College professors who don’t even have to make sense when they talk.

They’re all talking, all the time, and all talking at us.

Shut up, already. Listening to these babbling boobs for several decades is what got us into so much trouble in the first place.

No more!

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