The Race to the Bottom (England Winning?)

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It’s hard to find horror images that quite match up to the horror of this story.

How is the human race, in any imaginable way, supposed to benefit from this?

At a primary school in England, children six years old and up are being taught–well, I don’t know what they’re being taught–by having to insert themselves as characters into a “gay” fairy tale and then write “love letters” proposing marriage to another character of the same sex (

Oh, wait–it’s supposed to teach “acceptance.” Glad we’ve got that straightened out. In fact, this school, Bewsey Lodge, has won an “Educate and Celebrate” Award. Educate, celebrate… indoctrinate, deteriorate.

Why do parents subject their children to this?

St. Patrick was born in what is now England. Shows you how much things can change.

Is it necessary to state that if everybody actually practiced the Far Left Crazy virtues of homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, and assisted suicide, there would be nobody left? Like, if we all did these things, we’d go extinct! So they must be bad, right? Huh?

But then isn’t that the point of the whole business?

Leftism–delivered to you fresh from Hell.

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  1. The really sad thing here is that Satan’s dumbing down of humanity appears to be quite a success. If people could only wake up; open their eyes and their brains to see that Satan hates humanity and gleefully does all he can to destroy us. It sickens him that only we are made in the image and likeness of God. The tools he’s using at any given time all arrive at the same place. Death.

    1. I think I’m the only one to point this out–if everybody really did the things the Left thinks we should, we’d be extinct.

    2. Then there’s hope that the Left will extinct itself. Happy days are here again…

    3. I’m not kidding. Really, if we did all the things the Left thinks we should do, the human race would die. I think that proves their message comes from Satan.

    4. I think you are correct, Lee. It’s one thread, from Cain, through the anti-diluvian world, Ishmael, the Babylonians, up to the perils of more recent history. There are strong forces fighting against worship of the One True God and of the people He chose.

  2. The Dems want to turn America into a European country, whereas the Republicans (not the Rhinos) want to maintain our rights to freedom, especially from a tyrannical gov’t that overtaxes us. Europe is way ahead of us in degenerative policies, and debasement behavior (but I make an exception to Hollywood’s so-called entertainment which is more debased than anyone else’s in the world – and the main reason Muslim countries think of us as the great satan). Get everyone on the Trump train – he is taking the heat for us all – pray for him.

  3. Taking the acceptance of boys and girls away from them to give it to gays is, well, unacceptable!

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