A Lesson from a Troll

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Unless you were here very early today, you won’t have seen the plethora of comments left by a surly transgender fan. I have, of course, deleted them. You can’t be nice to leftids. You allow them into your cyber-living room, and all they do is pee on the carpet.

Anyhow, this jidrool accused me of “violence,” “rape,” “beatings,” and a few other misdeeds. Now, if I had actually done any of those things, I would be a criminal. And of course I haven’t done them. But–!

Now, for the Left, “violence” or “hate” constitutes any failure to join with them in whatever delusion they’re embracing at the moment. It’s also “violence” for Christians to believe in the Bible. We are supposed to agree with leftids, we are Haters if we don’t, that the Bible is “only just a bunch of two-thousand-year-old stories” which we must immediately jettison in favor of whatever the left is selling.

Note that it’s not “hate” or “violence” for them to insult, vilify, and mock anyone who isn’t them.

Quite simply, and as we so abundantly saw throughout the Kavanagh hearings, objective truth does not exist for leftids.

But it is an objective truth that there is no such thing as “transgender.” There are only really messed-up people who say they are “trans” and demand that we say it, too.

They’re killing our culture, and we musn’t let them do it.


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