Barbarians at the Gates

Image: Protesters storm the steps and doors of the U.S. Supreme Court as Judge Kavanaugh is sworn in as a justice inside in Washington

Far Left Crazy protesters, breaking through a police line Saturday, pounded and clawed at the doors of the Supreme Court while Brett Kavanagh was being sworn in as a justice (

The question is, what would they have done if they’d managed to get in?

Does everybody get it, now, that the Democrat Party is the mob rule party? They tried every trick they knew to stop Kavanagh’s confirmation by the Senate–wild speeches, paid demonstraters, unsupported accusations: everything short of trying to kill the man. And they might have tried that, too, if they could have broken down the doors.

They could have said, “We don’t like this man’s judicial philosophy, we don’t like his politics, we hate the president who nominated him, and we’re just not going to vote for him.” But no–they had to try to brand Kavanagh as the worst sex criminal since Jack the Ripper. And their Far Left Crazy base believed them.

This fight went far beyond being about Judge Kavanagh. Democrats tried to establish that from now on, this country is to be run by pure hysteria. Due process, orderly procedure, rule of law–it all went out the window. They have proved that there’s virtually nothing they won’t do to feed their lust for power.

Now, in next month’s midterm elections, it’s up to us to put them out of business, once and for all. We do not want the kind of country they are selling us, where a man’s politics makes him fair game for any kind of character assassination–a human sacrifice to the Democrat dream of “fundamental transformation.”

God defend us.

10 comments on “Barbarians at the Gates

  1. The Lord have mercy, indeed, and defend all those who have any sense
    of morality and decency left. May all those who have lost their way be awakened by His call to return before it is too late.

  2. They’ve been working at this since Babel and for a very short while, God will allow it. And then . . . Our Savior!

  3. Many Leftist were saying Kavanaugh doesn’t have the right temperament because he is an alcoholic. Now don’t you think the 7 FBI investigations would have revealed this? – not if you’re brain-dead. Kavanaugh’s first action as a Supreme Court justice was to hire the first all-women law clerk team in history – take that, women’s libbers, and put that in your pot pipe and smoke it.

  4. Mob rule describes it well. That’s why we have a representative republic, not a direct democracy.

    1. Of course not. Actually I was looking at it from the other side. The demoniacs like the ones Jesus was always ordering to come out of people.

    2. That whole thing is ridiculous. I have every constitutional right to go trick or treating any day of the year and, were I so foolish as to do so, my neighbors have every right to conclude that I’m a nut case for doing so.

      Some of the roots of Halloween are a bit unsavory, but the tradition of Trick or Treating seems to me to be more about getting free candy than about anything demonic. Almost all holidays are mixtures of some old traditions and some new ones. I don’t judge anyone with regard to these.

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