Surprise Video: Whale Shark, etc.

Sometimes the beauty of God’s handiwork moves me to tears of pure joy. There’s quite a bit of it in this video.

The whale shark is the biggest fish on earth: individuals up to 60 feet long have been reliably reported, according to Mr. Nature. It’s totally harmless, feeding entirely on plankton and floating fish eggs. No one has ever been attacked by a whale shark. Divers like to swim with them.

Going by reports from the 19th century, the whale shark was never common. It’s still rare today, and care must be taken not to drive this magnificent creature into extinction.

God won’t like it if we do.

Thank you, Lord, for creating awe and wonder.

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    1. The whale sharks are fed a special pre-made gel food and also krill. The aquarium workers feed them from the top of the tank. I saw some in Kagoshima and in Okinawa. At the Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, we were able to see the workers feeding them from the top of the huge tank, where there were about three whale sharks, along with other sea creatures.
      The ones at the aquarium are smaller than the ones showed in this video, about 6-meters or so.
      I love the beautiful scenery showed in this video!

  1. Watching this video made me think: God can make anything He wishes any way He wishes. If such a huge animal as a whale shark can be so huge and harmless as to cohabit with man, dinosaurs could too.

  2. Nice background music. They should call these magnificent creatures “Big Mouth” sharks – I’m glad they don’t eat humans. I thought the Left told me the oceans are dying?

    On Mike Rowe’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” show on TBN, he featured a lady in Texas who has made it her life’s work to save the prairie dogs – it was very inspirational. God will hold mankind accountable for how he has taken dominion of the earth under God, and its creatures and vegetation.

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