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Mr. Nature: the Basking Shark

Anyone who didn’t know better could be forgiven for freaking out at the sight of a 30-foot shark–especially if you’re in a kayak or a rowboat. But in fact, there’s nothing to fear.

Jambo, everybody, Mr. Nature here, with some more of God’s stuff. The basking shark is the world’s second-largest fish, right behind the much rarer whale shark. Not long ago there was a major basking shark fishery, but that had to be reined in when the sharks started getting scarce.

These enormous sharks eat plankton and tiny crustaceans, not people. Sometimes a dead basking shark will wash up on the beach, and because of the unusual way in which their boneless carcasses decay, they wind up being taken for mysterious sea monsters.

I’m Mr. Nature, I know about basking sharks; but in all honesty, if I were out there in my rowboat and one of these babies came along, I think I’d probably freak out, too.

Ninny Break: No, This is not a Dinosaur

Image result for images of real dinosaurs found whale shark

This enormous fish, a whale shark, the biggest fish in the world, is not a dinosaur. Honest.

I stumbled upon this picture when it was used to advertise a youtube video titled, “Ten Real Dinosaurs Found.” It’s over half an hour long, and that’s why I haven’t posted it.

The whale shark really is that big, but it is not a dinosaur. For all its colossal size, it is a harmless plankton-feeder. There are also photo-shopped pictures of a whale shark attacking people, to eat them. That has never happened. Plankton-eaters do not eat large mammals.

What does it say about our general education level, that a fish is presented to us as a dinosaur? I mean, how dumb is that?

Nature is interesting enough without the baloney.

I’m Mr. Nature, and I’ve approved this message.

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