College Crapola du Jour

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Boy, I wish this was a satire… but it isn’t. It’s, well–real.

Colorado State University, in its social media guide for students–really? They really need the college to “guide” them in using social media?–advises students to “Avoid gendered emojis when possible” and to “use inclusive pronouns,” no “he” or “she” allowed (


Why, “to be more inclusive,” of course! You become “more inclusive” by pretending men and women don’t exist. There’s just this featureless mish-mosh, some bubbling culture v at in which every aspect of every person’s individuality, for the sake of “diversity” and “inclusion,” is erased.

Our colleges and looniversities are putting a whole new spin on the old image of the college as being in loco parentis–with the accent on the “loco.” This is root-grubbing, wall-climbing, rug-chewing crazy.

There can be but one response to this:


Oh–and after that, defund the colleges.

5 comments on “College Crapola du Jour

  1. Inclusive, my foot. They are the most unfair, unwound, knuckleheads we
    have ever been unfortunate enough to encounter.

    1. Agreed, Erlene. CSU seems to have left its former dignity far behind. It used to be a fairly decent college.

  2. I went to the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, from 2012 – 2015 full-time, including both summer sessions to earn my BA in General Education. I never once heard any of this gender confusion madness. There are colleges that still just concentrate on education. Those that indoctrinate need to receive zero money from the gov’t. Privatization of all education in America is the way to go – and we have a way to go before it becomes a reality.

    1. That’s it, in a nutshell. This happens because these “educators” are paid by us, the taxpayers and they have very little in the way of accountability.

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