‘Thousands of Swedes’ Implanted with Microchips

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“It seemed like a good idea at the time…”

The Daily Mail estimates “over four thousand” Swedes have had microchips injected into their hands (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6306569/Thousands-Swedes-getting-microchip-IDs-inserted-hands.html). Now aren’t you jealous?

Invented by a “tattooist and body-piercing specialist,” the procedure allows its beneficiaries to enter buildings, concerts, trains, etc. without having to pay cash or turn in a ticket.

Wait’ll somebody calls in sick for work so he can go fishing, and the chip shows the boss he’s not at home, but at the dock where the chip allowed him to rent a boat. Oh, well, you should have no secrets from your boss, right? You should certainly have none from Big Brother.

Not to worry–they don’t yet have the technology for the chip to report your every movement. And once they have that technology, you can just have your chip removed, right?

What could possibly go wrong?

10 comments on “‘Thousands of Swedes’ Implanted with Microchips

  1. Who would be foolish enough to go for this – obviously, many. I won’t even let anyone take my DNA for analysis let alone put a chip under my skin. Maybe a chip for a valuable horse or pet, but not humans who God created to be free.

  2. Very bad news, indeed. We have been expecting this, but it is nearer
    than we can feel comfortable with. Also, we hear of the impending attacks on Israel from the three directions- portent of Ezekiel 38?

    1. It really is amazing. Speaking only for myself, I was disoriented with regard to prophecy until I cast off replacement theology. Now it all seems to be aligning completely with prophecy. Frankly, it’s the one thing that I can point to which absolutely convinces me that the Bible proves true in our time and is not simply a book of human wisdom. We are seeing prophecy fulfilled right before our eyes.

  3. Indeed we are. It is good to keep the Bible open, and the new beside it
    to see the advancement. Yes, replacement theology has been and still is,
    a great stumbling block for many people.

    1. For the benefit of readers who may be seeing this term for the first time, what do you mean by replacement theology? Anyone can answer (not trying to put you on the spot!).

    2. The teaching that literal Israel has been replaced by a figurative Israel in the form of the Christian Congregation and that all unfulfilled prophecy regarding Israel now applies to this figurative Israel. For the record, I believed that for most of my life, but changed my opinion after substantial research. AKA, supercessionism.

      Once again, speaking only for myself, I believe that we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled in the Middle East, as Israel experiences ever more pressure from neighboring countries and the very real threat of war on its northern border. If I am proven wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it, but for the time being, it seems like things are shaping in that direction.

    3. The years they didn’t exist as a nation. 🙂 But it was prophesied that they would endure a lot of hardship along the way, then be restored as a nation, then face grave danger, which certainly describes their situation now. There are thousands upon thousands of missiles in Lebanon waiting to go. It’s an ugly situation.

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