‘Smart City’–You Sure You Want to Live There?

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Be very, very afraid whenever a liberal pitches anything to you as “smart.” Take it in the sense of “Ow, that smarts!”

Up in liberal Toronto, a top expert has resigned from the management team of a Google-operated “smart city,” part of a bigger project called “Sidewalk Labs” focused on “Sidewalk Toronto,” blah-blah (https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/26/sidewalk-labs-ann-cavoukian-smart-city/).

Why did the expert resign? Because she was very worried that all this “smart city” tommyrot would totally destroy the residents’ privacy. She wanted the data collected from the residents to be made anonymous at the source, but the deciders wouldn’t play ball.

See, they’re busy “balancing the rights–” in Canada some government fat-head is always “balancing rights,” one group’s against another’s, and deciding who wins–“of citizens with the access required–” access to your personal data, boys ‘n’ girls–“to create smarter, more efficient, environmentally friendly living spaces.”

It’s getting so “smart” means “stupid.”

Environmentally friendly, my ass. Have you seen what liberals do to a town, once they sink their fangs into it? Come on over to my hometown sometime and view the wreckage. If any living thing survives their ministrations, it won’t be because they didn’t try to wipe it out. You should’ve seen the glorious beauty of a field of wild tulips that sprang up on Inn Place–totally wiped out. They hunt down beauty like its very existence is a grief to them.

It’s so very sad to see ignorant people’s faces light up when they hear the liberal sales pitch. “Give us your freedom! We’ll take such good care of it!”

It’s both dangerous and burdensome to serve false gods.

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  1. I read several articles, as well as documents, on the UN/US plans for these “Sustainable Cities”, with artists rendition of what they will look like. The general population will be moved East to these “sustainable” cities into high rise apartments with no more than 300 to 400 sq ft, with “smart” (spy) appliances. There will be surveillance cameras in the halls, elevators, and the street lights will all have surveillance cameras. Neighborhoods would be divided in zones – with retail outlets contained in one division for each zone. There will be no vehicles. Travel from one zone to another will be by train or bus, depending on how much is spent on “transportation.” There will be no cash transactions either, as we’ve already been warned. All rural and country and ranch lands will be owned by the government, the oligarchy, and will be use for corporate farming, with the owners living in big mansions surrounded by their own piece of land. Industry will, of course, be in the East. If you think Agenda 21 is bad, Agenda 2030 will be the end of the world as we know it. Come, Jesus!!!

    1. A book takes longer to read than a movie to watch. How do you find the time? I should think that writing prolifically, spending time with your family, being accessible to your subscribers and managing your blog, fixing things that break and then fixing them again, still learning your computer (lol), reading the Bible (a good assumption on my part), enjoying your pets, keeping up do date with the news, going to doctors and dentists, and whatever I left out, that you don’t need much sleep. I wonder how anyone can keep up with you…I suppose when they don’t, it’s your quiet time.
      Uh oh, time’s up – lol.

  2. The worst thing that could happen is the North American Union (NAU), a treaty/pact/collusion among Mexico, Canada and the US. Such a joint venture would require a new constitution, as it will indeed be a sovereignty steal. Seriously, why in the world would be want to be a part of Mexico or Canada? Well, we know why we the people don’t, but the powers to be, after Trump 2020, do. And as I’m sure most of us know by now, Heidi Cruz wrote the NAU “treaty” while working for the Council on Foreign Affairs, and of course, Ted just loves it – and there’s no doubt he will vote for it.

    1. As I suspect we already know, there are several “new” US constitutions in final form just waiting to be submitted. One from George Soros, one from the Communist Party USA, one from the Social Democrats, and a few from other devious sources. With regard to “sustainable cities” I was able to copy and paste a few, but most were PDF, which stalls my computer, so after I saved them, I had to delete them to get my computer running again. However, I suspect they will disappear off the internet at some point, when people start talking about them. Unfortunately, both sides of the media are still practically mum on these most important issues we will face very soon.

    2. If Donald Trump can defeat the globalists, he will be our greatest president.
      Getting us out of the UN would be a good start.

    3. God bless him for trying. If we turn congress red (and do something about the RINOS), nothing will stop Trump from doing just that. Even when the corrupt judiciary decides to again overreach their constitutional authority, they will most likely be ignored by the more states using nullification. But here’s the thing, Lee, our Bible said that we WILL have a one world government. So why bother? Answer: by fighting against it we can at least get a softer landing… Everything happens in God’s timeline, and apparently hillary wasn’t in it. However, I shudder to think what demons may run for president in 2024. I hope it’s still not in His timeline…

  3. If data is collected, it will be used. Anonymizing is impossible. It’s very easy to work around. ‘Nuff said.

  4. “60 Minutes” did an expose a while back on cities China is building before anyone has moved there. They are very modern with malls, apt. buildings, street lights, signal lights, the whole shebang. They are even building them in Africa. But here’s the catch – no one has yet moved into them. It seems the Communist gov’t wants to keep the building boom going and this is their way of faking it until they make it. I.e. China’s whole economy is based on a sham. The only reason they have prospered materially is from unfair trading arrangements with the West (USA in particular). The whole system is do to crash because they are communists and not capitalist – socialism never works in the long run.

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen that, too–all-new cities and malls, as empty as ghost towns. China’s growth, based on artificial demand, will come to a screeching halt eventually.

    2. And a fascinating things that shows that smart cities are so far empty things, if you type “smart city” on google image, you have to scroll an amazing number of pages before you get an image of a city with people inside !

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