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Liberals on Halloween: No Fun Allowed

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What’s the worst thing about living under liberals? It’s gotta be the sheer dull dreariness of it all, Political Correctness like a millstone tied around your neck, everything you say and everything you do is under constant scrutiny ’cause you might be a Racist and not even know it… Please.

Today is Halloween, and Far Left Crazies have been working tirelessly to take all the fun out of it. Their weapon against normal people on Oct. 31 is the charge of “cultural appropriation.” And what is cultural appropriation? Law professor Jonathan Turley explains:

“The reason behind such limitless forms of cultural appropriation is its limitless meaning” (https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/413813-cultural-appropriation-turns-halloween-into-a-nightmare).

Bullseye! Because its meaning is so hopelessly broad–“unauthorized use” of, like, anything pertaining to some culture or nation other than your own (But what if you personally identify as being of that culture, even if you’re not? They haven’t thought this through)–that it can’t really have a meaning.

What if someone said, “Hey, cars and air  conditioning were invented by white people–you people of color can’t use ’em anymore”? If you are Mexican, does that mean you have to wear a sombrero and serape?

Like all the rest of liberalism, the whole thing’s too ridiculous for words.

Well, if you want to live your life grappling with inner conflicts like, “Gee, does my kid’s Halloween costume make me a racist?”, just let libs get back in power and they’ll do the rest. As a CNN noozie so candidly said, “Dear white people… your feelings don’t matter.”

Voter, you can turn yourself off, or turn them off. The choice is yours.

Lib Noozie: It’s Against the Law for You Peasants to Know What’s Happening

The Morlocks’ siren summons the unaware and compliant Eloi underground… to be eaten.

A law professor says CNN noozie Chris Cuomo was totally wrong when he claimed, this past weekend, that you ordrinary dum peple got no right to read them Wikileaks documents that make Our Hillary look so bad ( http://lawnewz.com/high-profile/law-prof-smacks-down-cnn-chris-cuomos-claim-that-its-illegal-to-possess-wikileaks-emails/ ). “Remember,” said Cuomo, “it’s illegal to possess those stolen documents.” Illegal for you. “It’s different for the media,” he added. Legal for noozies, illegal for the common people.

Law professor Jonathan Turley says of course it’s not unlawful to download information made “widely available” by someone else–even if that someone came by the information illegally, in the first place. “Otherwise,” said the prof, “possession of the Pentagon Papers would lead to the arrest of tens of thousands of citizens.”

It’s about time someone pointed that out. Better late than never.

But this is the quintessence of “progressivism”: dumb ’em down, create “an unaware and compliant citizenry” (to quote from one of those documents that Cuomo thinks I shouldn’t have been allowed to read), and let the self-anointed “experts” herd ’em this way and that like cattle. They’ll be the Morlocks, we’ll be the Eloi. (If the allusion escapes you, watch The Time Machine.)

The most dishonest, least informative, most unspeakably corrupt news media in world history all want Hillary Clinton to be president and are working night and day to make that happen.

Please don’t help them do it.

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