‘A Tale of Two Hobbits’ (2014)

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The Invincible Female Warrior who’s not in the freakin’ book… and Tolkien never said his Elves have Mr. Spock ears.

Whenever I think about maybe someday, somebody making a Bell Mountain movie, a report like this makes me cringe and shiver.


I do understand the unavoidable necessity of making some changes when moving a story from the printed page to the big screen. But the changes made in these “Hobbit” movies, had J.R.R. Tolkien lived to see them, would have killed him dead.

Their very existence proves there’s no such thing as a vengeful ghost.

7 comments on “‘A Tale of Two Hobbits’ (2014)

  1. By its very nature, a movie can cause all sorts of untruth to be taken as fact. People see movie characters burst through glass without a scratch and see other events which are misleading, at best. Add in a writer with an agenda and it’s a very bad thing.

    1. Exactly. I’ve got the idea that an admittedly factionalized account based on true events will probably convince more people than actual history from a reliable source.

    2. And the question that comes to mind is, “Why did they throw that in, about Napoleon being an epileptic when he wasn’t?” I don’t understand how screenwriters think. Was that supposed to make Napoleon more interesting?

    3. Truly, the mind staggers. For some people, lying is more fun than speaking the truth.

    4. I don’t even think it quite makes the grade as “lying,” in that there’s no imaginable benefit in it to anybody. The phrase “towering stupidity” comes to mind.

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