Civilizations Do Die

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Here are some of the stories I couldn’t bear to write about today.

*Democrats stealing elections all over America: no one seems to be able to stop the fraud. It has become a Democrat tradition to contest every election they don’t win, and they’ve got a thousand and one ways to do it.

*Scotland’s Parliament mandates “LGBT education” in all schools: no opting-out allowed.

*Switzerland votes to make “homophobia” and “transphobia” punishable crimes. What does that even mean?

*A Facebook executive is fired for not supporting Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions.

Civilizations die. Usually it’s from a combination of causes from both inside the civilization and outside. Roman Britain, for one, succumbed to internal rot and foreign invasion. St. Gildas, who lived to see his country fall, wrote of his own countrymen as “such a large number who daily run on all fours into Hell.” I think he would say the same of our time.

I watch in horror as our civilization melts before my eyes. Maybe its murderers won’t have to come up with anything more bizarre, more soul-destroying than “transgender.” They are in a rush to abolish nation-states and establish a world government, ruled by themselves. And they don’t care what or whom they have to destroy to get it.

It’s important to realize that all of this has been, and is being, accomplished by small but fanatical minorities who never rest.

We need to work harder than ever to stop them.

O Lord Our God, we are trying, really trying, to serve and establish the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose right it is: but we can’t do it without you. Strengthen our faith, give us courage, pour your spirit into us: give us endurance, to wait upon the coming of our King. And grant that when He comes, He finds us at our posts, working. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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  1. Amen to that one. The increasing persecution of Jews everywhere, the increasing persecution of Christians also, indicates that we are nearing the end.

    1. It seems to be a dynamic of history that at certain times there’s always some lunatic, or group of lunatics, who wants to rule a bigger piece of the world than God has given him. Some, like the Romans, succeed for a long time. Others, like Genghis Khan, succeed in the short term, but their work doesn’t survive them for long.
      We are up against a whole crowd of lunatics.

  2. I can’t forget what my dissertation director once said to me when I expressed confidence that America could survive any kind of barbarian attack: “Phoebe, you’re a classicist [i.e., someone who’d studied the languages, literature, and history of ancient Greece and Rome]. You should know how quickly a civilization can collapse.”

    1. I find myself often drawn to the Ambrosius/Arthur/Gildas phase of Britain’s history–the fall of the Britons, in their own country, and the triumph of the English. It could have been avoided.

      God’s Providence eventually turned that disaster into the birth of a new nation on the island, with the heathen invaders producing Christian saints and theologians as early as the late 7th century.

      But some civilizations He simply lets fall and pass away forever.

  3. When Jesus told His disciples to take Him to the other side of the lake in their boat while he took a nap in the hull, a storm arose and in fearing for their lives the disciples woke Jesus up Who then conquered the storm with His word “Be still.” In the same vein, Jesus told His disciples before being taken up into glory until all His enemies are made a footstool for His feet, they were to fulfill the Great Commission. Jesus says it and it comes to pass. God’s people are always tested, and defeat seems ever present with them, but God’s plan comes to fruition. Think of David being anointed as king when a youth, then all he had to go through and all the tests he had to pass before finally becoming King of Judah & Israel. One of Jesus’ sayings: “O ye of little faith.” Think King Ryon’s army before Kara Karram.

  4. I’m thinking a collapse might be the only way we reset things. People have it so good they’ve lost all perspective, and don’t realize how good they actually have it. It’s going to take going through some pain and discomfort to bring them to their senses. Unfortunately, we are all on the sinking ship.

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