A Whole New Economic Philosophy! Absolutely Guaranteed to Work!

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Forget about capitalism! Socialism–that’s old hat! In fact, just throw out all the isms–’cause we’ve got something better!

Dr. Elrond Pubis, professor of Intersectional Economics at Planaria State University, has devised a whole new economic system which he predicts will soon become the model for the entire world.

He calls it “Magic.”

“Cut to the chase!” he explains. “We want what we want when we want it–right?

“Well, in my new system, the government will have the power to grant each and every citizen three wishes. You only get those three, so don’t waste ’em! And as an added bonus” (aren’t bonuses always additional?), “we’ll have full employment because the government will have to hire practically everybody just to keep track of all the wishes!”

Dr. Pubis said he got the idea from reading “certain ancient lore” involving… well, fairies. “Scoff if you like!” he said. “But we are on the verge of hiring former attorney general Loretta Lynch to track down and prosecute Fairy Denial.”

7 comments on “A Whole New Economic Philosophy! Absolutely Guaranteed to Work!

  1. We can call it “Fairy Tale Economics.” We can promote it by propagandizing the program through exclaiming boldly over and over. “You get to keep your three wishes, and you get to receive your three wishes.”

  2. You know some crazy doctors – lol. A government that grants wishes can take away wishes. Unless of course we wish for less government… But even then the democrats will mess it all up by wishing AGAINST whatever we wish FOR. They don’t care if they waste their wishes, as long as they get rid of ours.

    1. Well, gee, our colleges are, like, y’know, idea factories! So they gotta come up with ideas. None of it has to be even remotely sane. And very little of it is.

    2. I have a mind’s picture of all liberals lined up on a dance floor, doing the line dance, completely oblivious to everything else, while watching a teleprompter telling them what to sing, in unison, completely aware of its intended consequences, and not giving a dam. “Idea” connotes a different meaning when they come from the “minds” of liberals and out their automated mouths. .

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