On a Slippery Slope with Kittens

So I’m all mellow and calm as I go to post this nice cat video–and then WordPress tells me I’m gonna get a “new editor” for a “new layout” and that’s the top of my head they’re scraping off the ceiling. No! No! No new stuff! I can barely manage the old stuff that I’m used to. Who asked for anything new around here? Not me! No, no, no, I will most emphatically not try “our new editor,” no way, why can’t you people just leave me alone, what have I ever done to you??? Excuse me while I scream.

5 comments on “On a Slippery Slope with Kittens

  1. Go ahead and scream. I feel exactly the same about the constant “new” stuff, which is almost always worse than the old.

    1. I second that. Software improvements are not all they are cracked up to be.

      Great video. Such cute little adventurers.

    2. “Cracked up” is a good term for what the so-called improvements are — and what they do. One “update” I recently got for my Acrobat Reader cracked up something in my system so that now Acrobat won’t update any more and all kinds of other weird things have been happening. Time to call my IT guy, who fortunately makes house calls.

      Sometimes I wish we were back in the old DOS days when things were easier to fix.

  2. LOL – I get it. That kitten is you and the slide is your new editor. SCREAM, then purr…you passed your learning curve, er, your slide.

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