Oh, No! No Mars Colony?

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Bill Nye–“the Science Guy,” “science educator,” “science commentator,” and all-around silly ass–says we’ll never be able to colonize Mars (https://www.foxnews.com/science/bill-nye-says-mars-colonies-wont-happen-are-you-guys-high). And that has made a lot of people very mad at him.

It’s a sad thing to see, when an infallible oracle becomes chopped liver. A lot of the people who were salaaming to Nye when he recommended jailing Climbit Change deniers, voicing his hope of everything coming up roses when all the conservatives and Christians die out, and other jaw-flaps too numerous to mention, are now getting on his case for saying any scheme to colonize Mars is bound to fail. No air there, no water, and it’s too freakin’ cold–quibble, quibble! Sheet, man, we’ve seen it in a hundred movies! So don’t go saying it’s impossible!

Thing is, a lot of people consume a lot of science fiction–and wind up forgetting that it’s fiction. So you have belief in a Star Trek-type future, and incredibly wise and advanced Space Brothers who are gonna give us the solutions to all our problems, and Evolution or Artificial Intelligence or Geritol eventually transforming us into super-beings living in a God-free earthly paradise created by the fruitful partnership of Science and a world government–and human colonies on other planets are part of that delicious picture.

And, you see, a Mars colony would be a fresh start for the human race and this time, by jingo, we’ll get everything right because of Science and gender fluidity and no more pesky churches raining on our parade–it’s just bound to turn out perfect!

And Bill Nye had better lay off all that Mars Colony Denial–if he knows what’s good for him.

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  1. Yesterday I co-taught a Biology class, so we decided to show videos instead of the boring worksheet the regular teachers had left as Lesson Plans. My partner said he found one by Bill Nye, and I said I can’t stand that phony. and he laughed and instead chose a mitosis versus meiosis video by a real scientist. The trouble with being a hero of the PC crowd, if you flub up even once they crucify you – kind of like the French Revolution that idolized pure democracy.

  2. The whole thing is ludicrous. As Hawking declined in his last year or so, he put out some truly ridiculous press releases, mostly to alarm his acolytes and, hopefully, scare the rest of us into becoming acolytes. But like all men, he has returned to the dust and even his mental powers could not hold back death. All of us; every last man-Jack, need our Creator.

  3. Here’s a question not really worth answering: If the leftists did manage to colonize Mars, wouldn’t they have to PROMOTE global warming?

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