‘Why Do I Even Bother?’ (2013)

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It only looks like Orion because of where we are when we see it.

Is there really Secret Knowledge that comes down to us FROM ORION?

Hint: No.

Why Do I Even Bother?

The things that people think they know! You sort of stumble into a conversation, and the next thing you know, you’re being lectured about Space Brothers who built the Pyramids and still pop in now and then to help us with our laundry.

This from the costliest and most intrusive “education” system ever devised in world history.

‘Why Do I Even Bother?’ (2013′

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What does it say about the world’s biggest and costliest public “education” system, when thousands, if not millions, believe in super-powerful Space Brothers FROM ORION?

Why Do I Even Bother?

No one, not even all-powerful “Annunaki”, can be FROM ORION. That’s because there’s no such place. “Orion”–like any other constellation–is only a pattern which human imagination, from earth’s unique vantage point, imposes on a scattering of stars.

You try to explain this to people and they look at you like you just offered to sell them giant beanstalk seeds.

And then they start making decisions based on their belief in Annunaki FROM ORION…

‘Your Public Education Dollars at Work’

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Not a real place!

American “education” is the costliest fiasco in all of human history.

How many college graduates understand that constellations are not real places?

Your Public Education Dollars at Work

Well, like John Dewey said, the purpose of education is not to make people smarter and more self-reliant. The aim of education is to make them manageable. By elites.

All-wise, all-powerful Space Brothers from Orion… You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Evillusion tree!!

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Well ha ha ha at all themb dum doaps cellarbrating Chrissmus, we has setted “Up” a Evillusion Tree rihght “hear” At Collidge!!! and anny boddy whoo Dont warship it thay are Gillty of Micro Grecian and has got to be putt Intwo Sensirtivvaty Traning!!! and aslo thay ottmatickly Flunk Byollagy evin iff thare not Taiking it!!!!!

Evry Boddy whoo Is “not” Dum & Stopid thay knows the Bybble it is rong and thare “is” “not” no god thare is ownly Evillusion!!! And aslo Mary Chrissmus it is hat speach!!! anny boddy whoo saiys “that”,, thay whil Not be aloud to has No Fun anny moar!!

Hear at the Stodent Soviet wee has de-claired fromb nhow On chrissmus It is “reely” Evillusion Day and evvry boddy on the Campis thay has got to Say So or elllse!!! We “arnot” “goingto”Stopp untill evvry boddy thay saiys It becose “That” “is” Dyvercity and Inclootion!!!!!!!!!!

Some Hater and Biggit he sayed if thare isnt No god then howw did Life start “In” The frist plaice??? Wel evry boddy thay knows that!!! Holey Space Brotthers thay brung it hear “fromb”” Owter Spaice on Star Schips jist like in Star Dreck!! “and” then thay Used Syince to maik stuff be Alyive!!Then we beeted him Up! He gots to be in Dyvercity Traning nhow!!!

Evry boddy thay knows that Life was jist Ameebers and thay Evolvved “Intwo’ Dynasores and Mungkys and then Peple and Super Heros!!! Sumbday “we Whil Alll be Super Heros axept foar al themb Stinkards whoo didnt Voat foar Hillery!!!!

‘The Vatican and Space Aliens’ (2015)

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All it takes is a flying saucer and a dream…

There’s just gotta be super-intelligent Space Brothers out there who’ll show us how to solve all our problems and there’ll be paradise on earth and we can join the Galactic Federation–stop me if you’ve heard all this before.

So here’s the “earth-like planet” of 2015–every year has at least one–inspiring a, well, “journalist” to grill a Vatican official about Space Brothers.The guy from the Vatican resists the temptation to reply, “Klaatu barada nikto.”


There are plenty of false religions out there. The above is one of them.

Oh, No! No Mars Colony?

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Bill Nye–“the Science Guy,” “science educator,” “science commentator,” and all-around silly ass–says we’ll never be able to colonize Mars (https://www.foxnews.com/science/bill-nye-says-mars-colonies-wont-happen-are-you-guys-high). And that has made a lot of people very mad at him.

It’s a sad thing to see, when an infallible oracle becomes chopped liver. A lot of the people who were salaaming to Nye when he recommended jailing Climbit Change deniers, voicing his hope of everything coming up roses when all the conservatives and Christians die out, and other jaw-flaps too numerous to mention, are now getting on his case for saying any scheme to colonize Mars is bound to fail. No air there, no water, and it’s too freakin’ cold–quibble, quibble! Sheet, man, we’ve seen it in a hundred movies! So don’t go saying it’s impossible!

Thing is, a lot of people consume a lot of science fiction–and wind up forgetting that it’s fiction. So you have belief in a Star Trek-type future, and incredibly wise and advanced Space Brothers who are gonna give us the solutions to all our problems, and Evolution or Artificial Intelligence or Geritol eventually transforming us into super-beings living in a God-free earthly paradise created by the fruitful partnership of Science and a world government–and human colonies on other planets are part of that delicious picture.

And, you see, a Mars colony would be a fresh start for the human race and this time, by jingo, we’ll get everything right because of Science and gender fluidity and no more pesky churches raining on our parade–it’s just bound to turn out perfect!

And Bill Nye had better lay off all that Mars Colony Denial–if he knows what’s good for him.

Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned

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And here they are, in glorious wax that broke if you looked at it cross-eyed: the Miller Company’s Space Aliens, vintage 1960. Even back then, someone in the toy world knew what these things looked like. I had a fine collection of them.