‘Beware! Here Come Killer Robots’ (2015)

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Oh, the things we can worry about! I mean, if you’ve got the time to worry about killer robots…


Put it on the list with the oceans overflowing, the oceans drying up, transphobia, and all the rest of the disaster du jour stuff.

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  1. Yeah, this is really keeping me up nights. Well, you know, I don’t really have anything else to worry about, so why not?

  2. I don’t worry about killer ‘bots, but I find it more than a little alarming that mankind has placed so much trust in their machines and, especially, computer controlled devices.

    Let me give you an example which involves commercial aircraft. It is possible to damage, possibly even destroy an aircraft by misusing the controls. Some new “fly by wire” aircraft incorporate a computer which will allow only movements which cannot damage the airplane. In other words, the computer flys the airplane using the pilot’s inputs as suggestions but makes the decisions according to how it is programmed and, very importantly, which mode is selected in the control computer.

    Airbus had a plane full of passengers whom had won tickets to be on an exhibition flight which would make a low pass over an air show. The flight control computer was in approach/landing mode and when the pilot opened the throttles after the low pass, the plane’s computer decided that it was supposed to land and did that very thing, right into a bunch of trees. Three people were killed, BTW.

    OK, I’m no fan of air shows anywhere near a populated area and I think that the whole caper was ill-advised, at best; but still, who is “Pilot in Command” (legal term), the licensed pilot at the controls, or the computer which overrides the pilot’s input if it decides that is what is called for? I have flown airplanes and acted as Pilot in Command (as a private pilot) and I can tell you that if I’m pilot, I’ll be making the control decisions, not a computer.

    1. So smart that they will land a perfectly good airliner into a grove of trees. 🙂

  3. If you want to know how well “smart” computer programs work, take a look at what spell-checkers can do to mess up what you’ve written because they think you should have written something else.

    1. Computers can calculate, but they can never reason. Artificial Intelligence is an impossible dream.

  4. I’m not worried. If the technology turns out like the “high” tech they hid in computers, these robots will probably turn on their creators before they break down or get hacked.

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