Britain’s Menstruating Males

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Don’t worry, they’re not really menstruating: they just think and say they are. The fact that it’s totally not true is dismissed as irrelevant.

Back in 2015 a poll found 25% of UK men said they had a “period” once a month; and 58% of their female “partners” believed them ( “Coo, love, I can’t do anything with Charlie when it’s his time o’ month…”

How did this happen? I wonder what the numbers would be if they took the poll again today, three years later. “One in five British men believes himself to be pregnant…” On second thought, don’t ask.

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11 responses to “Britain’s Menstruating Males

  • Erlene Talbott

    How could satan’s likes get any bigger. Insanity reigns (and it makes me
    feel sick)


  • Phoebe

    Um, I hate to sound gross, but if “the symptoms are real,” as these men claim, can they produce (shall we say) the, er, red liquid evidence? and demonstrate where this liquid is flowing from? If not, the most important “symptoms” seem to be absent. I can’t tell what they’re actually claiming about these “symptoms” since the link to the original article no longer works, but if they’re talking about moodiness, they’re probably talking about being twerps; and if they’re talking about cramps, they need to see an internist or oncologist.

    Actually, this has been one of my most frequent rebuttals about “trans” claimants who say they’re really women or that they’ve always felt like women, i.e., that they will never have known what it’s like to have a period. And that includes the, er, liquid flow and all that the flow entails in terms of, er, planning and purchases. (It’s really difficult to talk about these things without getting gross.)

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  • Jup

    I am a man and I can confirm that I do not have periods in any way shape or form. I can however confirm that if I was looking for an excuse for acting up I could say that I have periods but I’d rather just admit that I was having a bad time, was a bit squiffy and then apologise!

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  • Unknowable

    Satan is the father of the lie. He’s got his minions telling, and believing, some whoppers, these days.



    Whose the dummy that even asked the men the questions in the first place


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    They say mental illness goes down during times of war. Maybe Europe could start another one (they sure have proven they are good at it) and bring sanity back to the masses. Only trouble is, Europe seems to draw everyone else into their disputes.


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