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Still a lefty, after all these years…

You probably would have forgotten all about one-time presidential wannabe Gary Hart–if Hollywood hadn’t come along just now with a new movie about what a tragedy it was that this liberal Democrat schlemozzle never got to be president.

I don’t expect to be watching that movie, ever, but the publicity for it made me remember that back in 2005 I reviewed one of Senator Gary Hart’s books. It was only 80-some pages long, but it seemed much longer.

If you remember this guy at all, I’ll bet you remember him sitting with playgirl Donna Rice on his lap, aboard the good ship Monkey Business. Accused of adultery, he challenged reporters, “Catch me if you can!” So they did. Quite quickly. Adios, presidential aspirations.

Hart, sleazy liberal senator from Colorado, introduces himself, in his book, as “statesman, scholar, attorney, writer.” He brags about his humility. (“Ya know, I’ll bet I’m the humblest guy in this country…”) Well, he’s got a lot to be humble about.

From what I’ve read of the movie, the noozies are the bad guys for derailing the Gary Hart Express in 1988. Apparently they hadn’t yet figured out, back then, that they’re only supposed to go gunning for Republicans. That has since been rectified. Today, every “journalist” understands that.

Anyhow, you can read my review of Hart’s book instead of going to the movie.

It’s a lot cheaper, and won’t give you bad dreams about the money you had to spend on popcorn.

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