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Gary Hart, Revisited


Still a lefty, after all these years…

You probably would have forgotten all about one-time presidential wannabe Gary Hart–if Hollywood hadn’t come along just now with a new movie about what a tragedy it was that this liberal Democrat schlemozzle never got to be president.

I don’t expect to be watching that movie, ever, but the publicity for it made me remember that back in 2005 I reviewed one of Senator Gary Hart’s books. It was only 80-some pages long, but it seemed much longer.


If you remember this guy at all, I’ll bet you remember him sitting with playgirl Donna Rice on his lap, aboard the good ship Monkey Business. Accused of adultery, he challenged reporters, “Catch me if you can!” So they did. Quite quickly. Adios, presidential aspirations.

Hart, sleazy liberal senator from Colorado, introduces himself, in his book, as “statesman, scholar, attorney, writer.” He brags about his humility. (“Ya know, I’ll bet I’m the humblest guy in this country…”) Well, he’s got a lot to be humble about.

From what I’ve read of the movie, the noozies are the bad guys for derailing the Gary Hart Express in 1988. Apparently they hadn’t yet figured out, back then, that they’re only supposed to go gunning for Republicans. That has since been rectified. Today, every “journalist” understands that.

Anyhow, you can read my review of Hart’s book instead of going to the movie.

It’s a lot cheaper, and won’t give you bad dreams about the money you had to spend on popcorn.

Kavanagh Throwed A Ice Cube!

See the source image

Brett Kavanagh cannot “under any circumstances” be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice: because, according to a crack investigative reporter for The New York Times who has won awards for investigating cracks, Kavangh in 1982 threw a piece of ice at someone.

“It it true and I has proof!” writes investigative journalist Rodney Fungus. “I has got the very ice cube he throwed at a guy in 1982 and there is the picture of it if you don’t believe me but it really is proof and I should ought to get one of them Pulitzer Prizes for it!”

Fungus says he has not yet tracked down where the incident took place, or when, although he’s pretty sure it must have been 1982 “because Jimmy Carter he was president that year and I remember seeing him on TV,” nor has he yet interviewed any witnesses. “I don’t need to do none of that stuff,” he adds. “A woman told me about this disgraceful incident so it must be true.”

Newspaper Calls for ‘Coordinated Attack’ on Trump

Image result for images of newspapers bashing trump

“Objective news reporting,” according to our media

The Boston Globe–how many people still read it?–has called for a coordinated attack on the president of the United States by all of America’s newspapers (https://www.yahoo.com/news/newspaper-calls-war-words-against-193505874.html).

I thought they were already doing that.

They say they’ve got 70, er, newspapers already lined up for an editorial jihad on August 16. They’re mad because President Trump has called out the media for printing fake news. What–y’mean they don’t?

I’ve never in my life seen the nooze media wage war on anyone like they have on this president. They never rest. And it’s not just the papers; it’s all the talking heads on TV, plus Hollywood, plus our collidges and looniversities–it’s all anti-Trump, 24/7/365.

What do you suppose would have happened if even one conservative news source–presuming you could find one–had called for a coordinated editorial attack on President *Batteries Not Included? Racist, racist! Biggit! Hater! Nazi! And so on.

While normal people went peacefully about their business, leftists took control of many of our country’s institutions–the nooze media, “entertainment,” “education,” banks and other business corporations, and even our professional sports leagues. They were going to ram Hillary down our throats so she could finish the “fundamental transformation” that Obama started. They were going to wind up as the absolute rulers of Venezuela North.

They thought they had it in the bag. They were so close to their objective, they could taste it.

And then those pesky American voters snatched it away from them.

They can’t live with that, and they don’t intend to. They’ll overturn that election no matter what it costs.

And that’s why we don’t love them anymore.

‘The Global Warming Fantasy Factory’ (2014)

Image result for images of silly TV news reporter

It must be humiliating for, er, ahem, “journalists” to knock themselves out, pushing a “narrative,” only to have nobody believe it but hard-core left-wing zombies. And they’ve never pushed any narrative harder than they pushed Global Warming.


They’re still pushing it, even now, when there’s a president in the White House who doesn’t believe them any more than we do.

Yo, noozies! You’ve lost your credibility, and have no one to thank for it but yourselves.

New from J-School: A Scoop Every Time!

Image result for images of cartoon news reporter

Image result for images of cartoon news reporter

Greetings, featherless bipeds! Welcome to Journalism Made Easy, the course that makes everyone xer own news organization!

Every reporter wants to scoop the others, and be the first to break the story. Today in our class, you’re going to learn how to do this every single time! And don’t worry about it breeding inequality among journalists–because everyone can do it!

I know, you’re gonna laugh when you find out what it is, you’re gonna cry out, “Now why didn’t I think of that!” You may even be kind of ticked off that you paid all that money for this course.

But here it is, the sure-fire method of getting the scoop on every story:

Report the news before it happens!

Gee, but how to you do that?

You just bleeping make it up, stupid! What do you think ABC Nightline does? You think they actually wait for something to happen before they report it? Sheesh! You won’t ever get a scoop, that way.

Best of all, if you do this many, many times, maybe thousands of times, sooner or later, one of those stories you made up is bound to turn out to be true! And you’ll have nothing left to do but accept the Pulitzer.

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