Is ‘Transgender’ the Left’s Shari’a?

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Ah, the dreck we have to put up with as “news”!

By a vote of 5-0–how does this happen?–the school board in West Point, Virginia, has fired a high school teacher for refusing to use the “preferred pronoun” of some mentally ill girl who says she’s now a boy (

See, he didn’t recognize her “gender transition” into a him, and that’s “misgendering,” which is a form of “hate speech,” and… and… and!

Just for the record, because truth matters even if our high-and-mighty school boards say it doesn’t, there is no such thing as a “transgender person.” All we have here is a mutilated girl who suffers from a delusion–and a lot of evil liberals who demand the rest of us kow-tow to that delusion.

And you can’t earn your living if you don’t at least pay lip service to something that you not only know is flat-out untrue, but is also an abomination–and it diminishes your dignity every time you allow them to force you to say it.

Hey! Suddenly I think I know why liberals are so in love with Islam! They’ve got a lot in common. The details of the law are radically different, but both of them have a kind of sacred law that they seek to impose on everybody else–a law that brooks no dissent, and punishes every deviation harshly. If that doesn’t describe the Left, I don’t know what does.

For how much longer are we in America going to be forced to bow down to the “transgender” delusion? How did these kooks acquire a “right” to our subservience?

When are we going to rediscover our self-respect?

9 comments on “Is ‘Transgender’ the Left’s Shari’a?

  1. For a starter for gaining our self-respect we can privatize all education – no more Dept of Education on the federal level. Next, no Dept of Education on the state level. Let each community be responsible for itself.

    1. Here in NJ, our state Dept. of Ed. has been wreaking havoc on us for decades. For all practical purposes, the people can’t cut a school budget unless the school board is willing to allow it. And you can probably guess how often that happens!

  2. I guess this is one more reason I should be thankful for living in a little village far from the maddening crowd.

  3. I wonder how you would feel if the same teacher decided not to ‘recognise’ someones Christians beliefs?

    1. 1) Lots of “teachers” do that and get away with it. 2) “Transgender” is a delusion. We are not obliged to treat anyone’s delusion as if it were reality.

    2. That is okay then, I can call religion a delusion and nobody is allowed to take offence

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