Pet Squirrels

I never knew there were so many different kinds of squirrels–red, grey, black, striped; long ears, short ears, bushy ears–I guess I should’ve asked Mr. Nature. And it looks like all of them have what it takes to make nice pets.

The squirrels around our home are very playful, and they’re used to us, so they don’t mind running rings around my chair while I’m sitting in it. We especially like to watch them when they decide to fight to the finish against a twig. We don’t like to watch them when they come into Patty’s garden and dig it up.

And I do think I would draw the line at letting my pet squirrel run around inside my refrigerator. Some of us are fussy that way.

5 comments on “Pet Squirrels

  1. These are sure cute little guys; clever, too. I never had a pet squirrel, but when I lived at my last home, I did have a couple of daily visitors who came to get the nuts I placed on the tops of fence posts. If I was late getting the nuts out there, they came up on the patio and looked in the sliding glass door as if asking where their nuts were.

  2. I have seen those rabbit-eared squirrels before. They are known to live in the Black Forest area near Colorado Springs. They are truly wonderful little creatures and amazingly intricate examples of our Maker’s handiwork.

    Hey Lee, how about Days of Elijah?

  3. No house squirrels for us. Sometimes when I am outside filling up the squirrels bowl with corn and sunflower seeds, I am too slow about it for my impatient friend who starts chattering bloody murder at me.

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