Elfs thay Are Prooof That Evilutoin It is Reel!!!

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I wented to a lexture yeasterday And now i jist “dont” see how them stopid Haters “and” biggits thay refuzes “to” beleave Evilutoin it is truue!!!!!

We now has Prooof of Evillusion,, we evin has got viddio!! Stopid lee he putt one Of them viddios rihght Hear on “this” blogg and he still dont get it!!

For millians of yeers the Elfs thay was ownly Deckaracions but “now” thay Has Evolved!!! Yes, now thay has Evolved into Livving Things! The prefesser she was making “the” lexture she sayed “This hear it is Prooph that non-Life it Evolvs into Life jist al bye Itsselff and thare isnt no Sueper Natchrel stuff it jist hapens!!”” and then she sayed “Evry Thing it has got the Potentchile for Life iff it arent Alyve all reddy!!”

Wel we al standed Up “and” cheared becose now wee Know “that” Life it Creeates It’s Self and so we wil rite A Letter to Hillery askin her to shut down Al the Churtches for Evvalution Denile and beang Anty-Sciance!!! that is a crymb! it is Hate! and aslo now we “want” our Collidge to offer a Deegree Pogrom in Elf Studdies and aslo more free stuff to “al” Indervidurals of Dyvercity!!! and aslo Free Tution for evry stodent inclooding Elfs! Thare is No Reesin elfs shuld Not Go To Collidge tooo jist like peple!! I amb sure thay Can “learn” jist as mutch as we doo!!!

8 comments on “Elfs thay Are Prooof That Evilutoin It is Reel!!!

  1. And how about the biggest elf of all? – Al Gore. According to that movie he made several years ago and all the public school kids were forced to watch, the ice caps should have melted by now and Lee Duigon’s apartment should be under water.

  2. It is getting hotter and there is more severe weather but if the sea level is rising then why ever are they still building multi-million dollar buildings at sea level.

    Just look at Dubai where billions of dollars of property being built at pretty much exactly sea level every year – and no attempt is made to build the new buildings on raised platforms or anything. There is something more than meets they eye to this whole thing.

    1. Like I always say, those who are selling us the Global Warming gospel never act like they themselves believe a single word of it.

  3. Elfs “is” reel and all of us smart people nose it! Thay arre jist so quick that normal peepels can’t not sea them, but us smart people kan.

    Huh? What happened? I think I was possessed by the spirit of Al Gores Past. 🙂

  4. Now I’m waiting for the accusations against — or by — the “elfs” of cultural appropriation, speciesism, misgendering, and all the other ills that society is heir to. (I would have said “that flesh is heir to” but I’m not sure what elfin flesh is like. Perhaps this is speciesism on my part. I dunno.)

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