Studdyin Femmanist Jograffy!

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Boy is Collidge hard some times!! it is “using” Up “all” my Brane Powwer!

I sined up for a coarse In Femmanist Jograffy becose i am “taking” al themb Moth Hoarmoans to make me Into A Wimmin and than i Whill Be a reel Femmanist but it is sooo “hard” becose now thay are Moving “all the plaices” aruond to Other Plaices!!!

Like Jepan for instants! Jepan it is in Ohio butt now i has to lern it is Somware Elsse!!! In Femmanist Jograffy now Jepan it is in Arrazona and Arrazona thay moved It to Affricka!! This hear it is dun becose of Femmanist Apissta-Mollajy and yiu has to be Inter-Sexional to unnerstand Waht “that” “meens”!!! My hedd it is pownding!!

The Prefesser she tolled us yiu has “got to” go Beeyond Gender and i gess i Whas Rong becose i dint Know “thare” was a Beeyond Gender ennything!!

Evin Wurst! That thare coarse in Femmanist Jograffy it “costs” a Extra $Thowsend Dolars pur Samester and yiu “know” i hasnt got that kyned of Muney!!!!! so i has got to Pay by “beeing” “the prefesser’s Serphent!! i has to Go to her Appartamint and whash disshes and vacume and duo her lawndry and ohboy i dont “Know How” to fix lawndry and her cloths thay Came Out all torn and derty whith Goofy Colores i dont know “watt” she is goingto Say wen she fines Out!!! So i had had to Hyde themb clothes Under the Bedd and hoap she dont See “themb”!! and aslo i kep getting The “whashing masheen mixed” up whith the Stoave and then there whas a reely bad Fyre!!! lucky four me she wasnt hoam!!! Wauter wauter evryware,, bye the Time i “put” it out!! Butt usully she is Hihgh on somthing so she dont “knotice” a Lot of things!!!

Anyboddy whoo thinks “being” a Interllectural it is Eazy, thay are krazy!!!!!!

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5 responses to “Studdyin Femmanist Jograffy!

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Our boy Joe Collige is finally starting to see the light – to think like a Progressive is to be manically insane.

    Andrew Klavan on his recent podcast was saying how males were designed by God to lead, and that whenever an institution is starting to be led by females it is a sign of decline. He gave the news media as a an example, and the Supreme Court as well as others for examples. I think of females pastoring churches – it seems something is amiss when that happens.

    As I wrote this, I received a ping on my iPad that a pedestrian in my area had just been killed by a car swerving to miss a dear. We live in a very dangerous world.

  • Watchman

    I’ve been thinking, if gender is a social construct then why all throughout history have men been the fighters\hunters while women were the homemakers\nurturers. This was universal in every culture. The fact is men are physically\psychologically suited for certain roles, and women are suited for certain roles. Sure you can try to switch gender roles, but it’s not ideal. You can hammer a nail with the heel of a boot too, but that doesn’t make it as ideal as using a hammer.

    And now they have been targeting “toxic” masculinity. Of course there is no such thing. I think they fear strong masculine men because the leftists see them as a threat. A masculine man will fight and if necessary die for what he believes in. The Leftists know they cannot take over as long as we have the Second Amendment and masculine men willing to fight for freedom. They want effeminate men because they wont fight back and are easier to control.

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