New York Mayor: Wealth ‘Is in the Wrong Hands’

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This is what you voted for???

In his annual State of the City speech this weekend, New York City Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr., dba “Bill de Blasio,” said New York’s wealth is “in the wrong hands” and vowed to redistribute it ( Once a Sandinista, always a Sandinista.

Yessirreebob, said the man with two names: “There’s plenty of wealth in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands.” I know this sounds like a satire, but it’s not.

The mayor proposed to require paid vacations for “most” private-sector employees–if you really need an explanation of why that’s such a bad idea, shame on you–and to “seize buildings” from “scofflaw landlords.” Always so much better to have them in the hands of scofflaw politicians.

When Themistocles was elected General of Athens, Aristides dropped him a subtle hint: “The really excellent thing in a general, Themistocles, is to keep the money from sticking to his fingers.”

How many public officials in de Blasio’s New York can follow that advice? Mr. Wilhelm’s speech contained no mention of the corruption that has been endemic in his administration.

Once upon a time America had too much self-respect even to consider adopting the follies and the sins of socialism.

But now we don’t.

7 comments on “New York Mayor: Wealth ‘Is in the Wrong Hands’

  1. If Wilhelm had to put his money where his mouth is he’d change his sermon. “Paid vacations” for all. It takes a lot of freebies to keep the pendulum stuck on the left. Most of us know that freedom isn’t free, but few know they’re paying for the freebies. And so are their children, grandchidren, greatgrandchildren…

    1. So if you’re a small business just getting by, and you want to hire a local teen, part-time, to sweep the floor… now they want you to pay him $15/hour, AND provide him with a paid vacation! And that’s all she wrote for your small business.

      Libs (Dems) act like money grows on trees. Maybe for them it does–other people’s money, just there for the taking.

    2. Every April 15th I did feel like a squirrel in a “tree” being greedily robbed of all my acorns it took me a year to accumulate. 1,200 acorns minus 400 may leave 800, but for everything I bought, more acorns were taken. And because of mandatory obsolescence, everything has to be bought over and over again. It seems that the only thing I really own is what I bought that still works. There are no taxes on used goods, until we try to sell them.
      Taxes are “other people’s money.”

  2. Oh, yes, the city confiscating property from “scofflaw landlords” will really improve things. We all know (sarcasm alert) how well the city has managed public housing projects in the past. And how much “affordable housing” (another fantasy-phrase of the left) has been created by putting the screws to landlords.

    Then again, maybe de Blasio needs to do these things in order to gather material for his forthcoming book, “How to Destroy a City.”

  3. A perfect example of why our population has been intentionally dumbed down so they will respond favorably to politicians who offer a free lunch. Nothing is free, not even Google & Facebook, who seize your identity and sell it to others who in turn bombard you with advertisements you don’t want that steal the most valuable thing you possess, your time.

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