New York Mayor Astounded that Criminals Commit Crimes

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Where was Merlin when we needed him?

New York Mayor “Bill DeBlasio” (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.: I don’t know why he uses an alias) expressed “shock” and disappointment that some of the convicted felons recently let out of jail… have already gone back to committing crimes (

Wow. You coulda knocked him over with a feather. I mean, really, who would’ve thought it–criminals committing crimes? You show them mercy, laments the mayor, and they just go out and do it again. At least 50 out of the first 1,500 released have already been arrested for more crimes–and some of them have already been released again.

You’d almost think they were trying to get back into jail! Well, sorry, guys, but we’re gonna need those cells for crimes that bother liberals–Climate Change denial, mis-gendering, failing to affirm gay marriage, cultural appropriation, and showing insufficient deference to liberals. We can’t be bothered with silly little things like armed robbery, attempted murder, or running someone over with your car on purpose.

Still… Heck, you’d have needed Merlin and Nostradamus together to predict a thing like this: criminals committing crimes.

This is supposed to be a sure-fire technique to protect jailbirds from getting the coronavirus. But in fact, Democrats were already talking about emptying out the prisons months before anyone ever heard of coronavirus. Leftids have a natural affinity for criminals: go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

Well, you can’t blame an honest Sandinista wannabe like “Bill DeBlasio” for failing to foresee something as far beyond the bounds of likelihood as this. We’re sure that, once the crisis is past, they’ll all come tamely back to finish their interrupted prison sentences.

Voting for Schnooks

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Is that Mao Tse-tung in the background? Can’t quite make out the head…

In each of the 62 years since its inception, no mayor of New York City has ever missed the city’s annual Puerto Rican Day parade.

But “Bill De Blasio” (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.: I don’t know how he gets away with using an alias) has announced that he won’t be there this weekend. Nope, he’s gonna bail on the Puerto Rican Day parade–’cause he’s out in Iowa running for president, and he just can’t spare the time for any of those mayor things.

Not that this flatworm has even the ghost of a chance to win the Democrat nomination; but just for fun, let’s say he does. All the other 25 candidates die, somehow.

And having secured the nomination, what then? Why, he would try to persuade people to vote for him. Including everyone in New York whom he’s insulted. He would expect the city’s Puerto Ricans to vote for him for president. I hope they wouldn’t, but I don’t know. It wouldn’t be surprising if they did.

Why, why, why do we continue to vote for these “leaders” who play us for suckers, who’d rather be shot than keep a promise, who never spend a minute in the real world if they can help it, who have forgotten how to tell the truth, whose policies damage the country, and whose names will only live in history as bad examples?

Search me!

New York Mayor: Wealth ‘Is in the Wrong Hands’

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This is what you voted for???

In his annual State of the City speech this weekend, New York City Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr., dba “Bill de Blasio,” said New York’s wealth is “in the wrong hands” and vowed to redistribute it ( Once a Sandinista, always a Sandinista.

Yessirreebob, said the man with two names: “There’s plenty of wealth in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands.” I know this sounds like a satire, but it’s not.

The mayor proposed to require paid vacations for “most” private-sector employees–if you really need an explanation of why that’s such a bad idea, shame on you–and to “seize buildings” from “scofflaw landlords.” Always so much better to have them in the hands of scofflaw politicians.

When Themistocles was elected General of Athens, Aristides dropped him a subtle hint: “The really excellent thing in a general, Themistocles, is to keep the money from sticking to his fingers.”

How many public officials in de Blasio’s New York can follow that advice? Mr. Wilhelm’s speech contained no mention of the corruption that has been endemic in his administration.

Once upon a time America had too much self-respect even to consider adopting the follies and the sins of socialism.

But now we don’t.

Political Vandalism

One of the reasons it’s so hard to combat “Progressivism” is that Democrats always change the subject. They’re like firebugs loose in an enormous mansion, torching the place wherever they go. No sooner do you put out a fire in the billiard room, then they’ve started one in the lounge. You’re always one fire behind.

And so, with Obamacare revealed as a disaster, and Global Warming as sheer humbug, libs ‘n’ progs have moved on to yet another vast subject–“Income Inequality.” They’re all yakking about it–which gets them out of having to defend Obamacare and Global Warming. The Occupant of the White House, noozies, academics, celebrities, and so on down the line: suddenly they’re all talking Income Inequality..

The new mayor of New York, Bill DeBlasio–aka Warren Wilhelm Jr., but he doesn’t use his real name–has vowed to abolish Income Inequality in his city, mostly by taxing “the rich” until they aren’t rich anymore.

Let’s look logically at this lunatic boast. There are only three ways DeBlasio can achieve Income Equality in New York City.

1) He can make everybody rich. If you think this is in any way possible, please clue in the rest of us.

2) He can “tax the rich” and give their money to “the poor” until everybody winds up somewhere in the middle. This will work if “the rich” consent to stay there and be robbed.

3) He can make everybody poor. Destroy “the rich” or run them out of town, it doesn’t matter. As we have seen in Zimbabwe, North Korea, the Soviet Union, and countless other places, any gang of stooges, with enough power, can impoverish a whole nation. It shouldn’t be hard at all to impoverish New York City. Just do whatever they did in Detroit, Camden, Gary, etc. It’s been done before, and surely Mayor Wilhelm can do it again.

Had enough yet, America?