By Request, ‘In the Garden’

Both Erlene and Phoebe called for this one, so here it is–In the Garden, sung by Alan Jackson.

And now to wait for the snowstorm…

6 comments on “By Request, ‘In the Garden’

  1. Thank you, Lee.

    Our own predicted 4-8 inches of snow have turned out to be rain today and temperatures just above freezing. But that’s even scarier than snow, because when the temperature drops overnight, the city will be transformed into a giant skating rink. It’s happened before. But then again, maybe the predicted drop in temperature won’t happen either. Or maybe the snow will actually arrive and give us some traction. Ah, well … Central Ohio, ya never know what’ll happen next and ya gotta love it.

    1. Now it’s raining here, too. That’s what it usually does when they predict snow. You’d think everybody would’ve caught on to that by now.

    2. Well, we finally got smacked with the snowstorm — and it was a doozy. It came in overnight. Oy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my car through the drifts, so I walked to church this morning, five blocks in blowing snow, winds gusting to 40mph, windchill below zero, and occasional drifts over the top of my boots. Greater love than this hath no other church-opener.

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