‘”White Privilege Worship”: College Idiocy DeLuxe’ (2016)

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So… The big guns at the social media say you can’t write or say or post anything “hateful”–unless, of course, you’re offering a collidge-credit “workshop” on how white people are the spawn of the devil, etc.

‘White Privilege Workshop’–College Idiocy De Luxe

College was a waste of time and money as far back as the 1960s. Uh, especially the 1960s. I remember sitting there in the Rutgers gym as Yippie Judy Gumbo–she used to be famous; she isn’t anymore–waxed all teary-eyed describing Ho Chi Minh’s Hallmark Hall of Fame deathbed scene. Truly sickening.

If America doesn’t shut down her colleges and universities, they’ll shut down America.

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  1. Last night Mark Levin made that comment that the fourth estate has become the fifth column. I think this applies to universities as well.

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