You Only *Think* You Own Your TV Set

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If they call it “smart,” beware!

A writer for The Atlantic bought a brand-new Samsung “smart TV” set recently and has been having all sorts of problems with it (

“Your TV is now a computer, but not in a good way,” she entitles her essay. In addition to the TV crashing now and then, because it’s full of artificial stupidity technology, it comes complete with a CBS News app that can’t be deleted. So every few minutes, what you’re trying to watch on TV is marred by a nooze flash up in the corner of the screen. Heck, you wouldn’t want to miss the latest attack on Donald Trump, would you? And you can’t delete the freakin’ thing because it’s a done deal between CBS and Samsung in which the buyer of the set is not included.

Consulting a forum, the writer found a host of “outraged responses of other Samsung TV owners.”

Once again, the Pro-Choice crowd has made our choices for us. We’d just choose the wrong thing, don’t you know, just like we chose the wrong president.

I remember my father and my Uncle Ferdie, when our TV went on the fritz, taking it apart and testing all the vacuum tubes to find out which ones were shot and needed to be replaced. They replaced them, put it all back together, and it worked.

But this can’t be done anymore. We now have more technology in our lives than we can control or even understand–and I find something sinister about that. Who’s going to use our smart TVs–I’ve warned you to steer clear of anything that leftids call “smart”–to spy on us, and who’s going to get the information about our viewing habits, buying patterns, and whatever else they can dig up on us?

We don’t have a new TV set. Anything we want to watch, we watch on disc or on the Internet. We certainly don’t have a “smart” TV, we don’t want one, and we’re not going to get one.

Will technology make it finally possible for power-hungry loons to exercise total control over millions of people?

They’re working on it as we speak.

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11 responses to “You Only *Think* You Own Your TV Set

  • marlene

    OM! On my new laptop, in order to sign in to Youtube I was forced to sign in through Google. Now, when I watch movies, Google keeps popping up notifications accompanied by a musical beep at the bottom corner of the screen. And I can’t get rid of it, because…my computer’s got AST?? Is there no escape and will I catch AST by osmostic waves??

  • Watchman

    I wonder how long before they turn into telescreens from the book 1984.

  • mazesfamily

    Its already happened in China. One security camera for every seven people and all data filtered. If you smoke on a train and get caught by facial recognition cameras then you may be denied your next ticket.

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    On one of the Sunday evening Fox News Channel shows they were saying how it turns out people don’t like the robots being rolled out who serve us. People don’t want a robot taking their order but a waiter/waitress. We don’t want a robot telling us where to go at the airport but a person. Some violent responses to them have been happening, but I guess the robot really doesn’t mind.

  • Unknowable

    Smart TVs, devices such as Alexa, and the like are bringing Big Brother into our homes. I don’t care in the slightest what CBS News things I should be informed of. We are in the dystopia future of yesterday’s science fiction.

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