Principal Orders Teacher Not to Attend Church

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Like, if this isn’t unconstitutional, what is? A school principal in a Midwest school district told a teacher, “You can’t be in church if your students are there” (

Say what???

The teacher got Liberty Counsel to defend her rights, and before escalating to a lawsuit, Liberty Counsel made a phone call to the district’s superintendent of schools–who lost no time overruling the principal’s “order.” This had to be done a year ago, too, when the same principal forbade the same teacher from leading an adults’ Bible club.

Do you think this principal might have a problem tolerating Christianity?

Well, we don’t know what his problem is, because Liberty Counsel won’t reveal his or her name, the teacher’s name, the name of the school district, or the name of the superintendent. I think the taxpayers of the district have a right to know who this yo-yo of a principal is, so he or she can be fired; but it’s not unreasonable for Liberty Counsel to withhold the names–out of courtesy to the superintendent, who has twice acted promptly to remedy the situation. I can’t fault them or him for behaving as decent and civilized human beings.

But for the time being, contemplate what this principal was trying to do. You can’t go to church if two of your students go there, too? I’d love to hear the preposterous, mutton-headed “reason” for this.

Our nation’s public education system, a misbegotten enterprise from the get-go, “solving a problem” that didn’t exist, is owned and operated by close-minded, ignorant, Christian-hating “progressives.” Christians don’t belong there–as students, teachers, or administrators.

And Christians should leave. They should leave now, to set up Christian schools and help Christian homeschooling families.

And there’s a nice payoff: kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

And please don’t bother to argue that what goes on inside out public schools is “education.” That’s just laughable.

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  1. The district superintendent will continue to “override” the principal after the fact, rather than stop him/her and the 49 gender-specifics), in order to keep the message out there. They are ALL on the same train.

  2. I hate seeing “over-stepping.” That principal has no right to dictate like that. If a teacher lives in a small town like I do, he or she is bound to see students in church or in Walmart. And you’re so right about encouraging parents to look into alternative education options for their kids. If the Christian school tuition is too much (which happened to us), home schooling is another option. Since my husband was a public school teacher, sending our kids to the local public elementary school was out of the question. He was well aware of the public education agenda and wanted none of our kids subjected to it. My home schooling experience with my kids is, perhaps, one of the happiest periods in our lives. Yes, of course, I researched the PA Home School Law and studied it because the local school district officials had no idea about that law and would try to add some necessary this or that when it came time to turn in our portfolios of the year’s work. Currently, my husband and I teach classes once a week at a local home school co-op here in TN. We’re grandparents and have no kids in the co-op but I so enjoy being able to bring God into my lessons as a matter of course. Most of the kids in my class have been home schooled from the beginning of their education and they are a pleasure to teach.

    1. A home school co-op is an excellent idea!
      It’s not a new one, though. In ancient Rome, lower middle-class parents who couldn’t afford an individual tutor used to get together, pool their money, and hire a tutor for the kids of several families.

  3. I received a video yesterday of a female doctor whose husband was killed in Viet Nam. She was at the Atlanta airport telling how the airline would not allow her and others to sing the National Anthem when a soldier in uniform was first to leave the plane upon landing because his fellow fallen soldier on the plane was being unloaded from the cargo compartment. She apologized over and over for being a coward and not singing the National Anthem on American soil anyway. Welcome to the Left’s America.

    1. I can just imagine if we’d had a teacher like this when I was ten years old. She or he wouldn’t be a teacher in our town for long.

    2. Oops, a faux pas on my part: the principal was the aggressor here, the teacher was the victim.

      This principal would have lasted about 10 minutes in 1959. I know. I was there.

  4. When a parent has a child hospitalized for a serious condition, what gives her/him hope? When parent loses their job, unable to cover family expenses to the end of the year, what gives him/her hope? When a child loses a family member, or a parent leaves, what gives her/him hope? When children are having difficulties, move from all they know, and struggle in a new school, what gives them hope? When a child is sitting in class, when friends turn to enemies, when they struggle with grades, what gives him/her hope? We all can list the problems many face. Some may seem daunting. I can even remember a quadriplegic girl in the hospital with a smile on her face, she being a light for so many.
    To anyone who doesn’t believe in a higher power, what does it matter to them if others have faith? To those who have faith, which helps them endure the difficulties of life, why shouldn’t they be encouraged to express their beliefs, pray in class, and talk with others about what they believe? Yes, parents are the ones to discuss their beliefs with their own children. But schools should allow the constitutional freedoms that led to this country and the freedoms we all have. By the way, where there is no faith, a people perish. Trust, faith, and love make each and every day better.

  5. People come into this world with a conscious, and perhaps unconscious understanding. We’re all born with it, I believe. It’s very natural for children to believe in their creator. It makes complete sense. Perhaps, the strongest proof is when one realizes they exist, then they know they didn’t put themselves here, and therefore they were created. Our understanding provides amazing evidence. We can realize right from wrong as in Pinocchio. And when we do wrong, we know it, and our conscience lets us know. Our conscience is our friend and wants us to make better decisions.
    For some reason or other, and we all make mistakes and have done wrong, some people do not want to see their errors. It’s difficult. To see one’s own mistakes and wrongs, which is why people make so many excuses (evidence), then see our powerlessness to change the circumstances and ourselves can be very troublesome. Then, to see others living rightly, to the best they can, living by faith, knowing someone loves them and can help them, becomes troubling to those not ready to change.
    If this life is all there is, or each person can believe whatever they want, then each person is free to live as each person wants and there are no consequences, but then, there is no hope either except to live in one’s own head and find others of similar beliefs. This is why prayer is not allowed in schools, why teachers are not to share their beliefs or show up at churches where their students might be, or encourage students to have their faith and pray when they feel like praying. It’s not in the name of freedom or separation of church and state, which the Constitution never showed, but the fear many people have of facing themselves. Perhaps, a misunderstanding. Perhaps, due to their own experiences growing up, in the church or otherwise. And this is something we need to discuss and address. Thanks for your article.

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