Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture

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In contemplating this nooze report, please bear in mind that it’s as cold as a brass monkey just now, and has been for some days.

Residents in Manassas, Virginia, called police the other day when they saw a naked man “walking around the neighborhood” ( No, Mr. Rogers, it was not a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Before he could be carted off, the naked man bit his dog twice, shoved a woman to the ground, and bit an off-duty FBI agent.

He’s being held without bail. That’s probably a good idea.

Uh, wasn’t it kind of, well, cold to be strolling around in the altogether? The nooze reports say the kook was high on marijuana. Well, I’ve known a lot of pot-heads and none of them ever succumbed to the urge to shed their threads and take a promenade in the icy winter weather. Nor did I ever see them bite anybody, dog or human. I wonder what he would’ve done if he’d encountered a porcupine.

We are seeing more and more of this kind of behavior. Why? Could the fact that we “celebrate” all kinds of lunacy, and put extreme weirdos up on pedestals, have anything to do with it? Like, all right, call me a stick-in-the-mud, but this guy seems to be more than a few fries short of a happy meal.

We are waiting for the Democrat Party to spring him from jail and have him run for something.

9 comments on “Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture

  1. The snooze media write what they dream. You’re right, he might just go from the big house to the Bigger House where he’ll be most at home with his dopplegangers. But what a poster it would make! The Naked Truth.

    1. It’s scary to think, no, to know, there are enough find-mucked leftists who would vote for these tickets. It’s the only tickets they think are free – until the “federal-government-should-confiscate-everybody’s-savings” gang send the bill via a naked SWAT team.

  2. I wonder if he was on “synthetic pot”, which is basically chemicals, usually sold as a form on incense, but which have powerful psychological effects.

  3. In this month’s “Imprimis” the article is on the science behind marijuana use by Alex Berenson who has written the book “The Truth About Maijuana Mental Illness, and Violence. In some cases heavy use of marijuana causes schizophrenia, and the article goes on to demonstrate how pot makes a lot of people violent. The Marijuana Lobby is good at hiding all this scientific information from the public.

    1. All the pot-heads I knew were boring. They most resembled limp, wet sponges.
      I may wind up reviewing that book for Chalcedon, though.

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