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Another Canary Falls Off His Perch…

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Early yesterday morning, at Detroit Metro Airport, a man suddenly stripped off all his clothes and tried to pass through security naked (https://wwjnewsradio.radio.com/articles/man-strips-naked-detroit-metro-airport-mcnamara-terminal). He was quickly carted off to a hospital.

You might think stories like this are insignificant in themselves. But they remind me of the old days when they used to send a canary in a cage down into a mine, to warn the miners of any dangerous gases. If the canary fell off his perch, the miners got out of there in a hurry.

Our culture is under acute stress, and that in turn stresses individuals, some more than others. It manifests itself in bizarre behavior–some harmless, some not. Is anyone going to deny that we’re seeing more and more of it?

It’s Satan’s desire to wipe out the human race, or at least imprison it forever in Hell. To this end he motivates the Far Left Crazy who are primarily responsible for stressing our culture to the point of sheer collapse.

The canaries are conking out all over. We’d better pay attention.

‘Pooperintendent of Schools’ Seeks Revenge on Cops Who Busted Him

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For dogs… and the odd superintendent of schools

I suppose in an age when prostitutes are “sex workers” and vandals are “street artists,” and you can be fined or imprisoned for using the wrong pronoun, nothing should surprise us. But once again the nooze has come up with something.

The since-resigned Kenilworth Superintendent of Schools, the $147,504-a-year administrator who was busted last May for defecating on the Holmdel High School athletic field–hot dog, it wasn’t even his school district–is threatening to sue the Holmdel Police Dept. for ruining his life (https://www.wnd.com/2019/02/school-pooperintendents-life-has-been-ruined-attorney-says/).

Gee, I could’ve sworn he ruined his own life. I mean, taking a daily dump on public property–the public shouldn’t know what their lavishly-compensated “educator” gets up to?

It evokes a strange picture in the mind: this clown pooping on the 50-yard-line by the dawn’s early light. Maybe they could make a movie of it.

Anyhow, he’s seeking up to $1 million in damages for “what the Holmdel Police Dept. has so maliciously done to harm him,” said his lawyer, in a 10-page letter to the New Jersey Attorney General.

What they did was release the guy’s booking photo to the public. I dunno anymore–aren’t you supposed to be shamed and held up as a laughing-stock, when you do what this guy did? Or is it that there’s no such thing as shameful anymore? No more prostitutes, just sex workers. Didn’t he ruin  his own life? Didn’t he put himself in a position to be the butt of jokes by late-night comics on TV? Has he not got no one but himself to blame?

“I had a bathroom emergency,” he said. What–every day? He says he’s been diagnosed with “runner’s diarrhea” (he’s a jogger, don’t you know)–so don’t you do something about that, instead of just letting the chips fall where they may? I mean, couldn’t he at least have carried a couple of plastic grocery bags with him, to pick up his poop? People snicker at his kids–well, whose fault is that?

One thing’s certain: if he really does go to court over this, it’ll bring a whole new wave of “pooperintendent” jokes at his expense and make it just that much harder for Father Time to wipe away the public’s memory. But then a million bucks is a million bucks.

Maybe he could get a job in San Francisco. No one would notice there.

Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture

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In contemplating this nooze report, please bear in mind that it’s as cold as a brass monkey just now, and has been for some days.

Residents in Manassas, Virginia, called police the other day when they saw a naked man “walking around the neighborhood” (https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/local/manassas/naked-man-high-on-marijuana-bites-his-dog-then-fbi-agent-in-virginia-police-say/65-8be08737-717d-456f-bcf4-8eca6cd8ca44). No, Mr. Rogers, it was not a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Before he could be carted off, the naked man bit his dog twice, shoved a woman to the ground, and bit an off-duty FBI agent.

He’s being held without bail. That’s probably a good idea.

Uh, wasn’t it kind of, well, cold to be strolling around in the altogether? The nooze reports say the kook was high on marijuana. Well, I’ve known a lot of pot-heads and none of them ever succumbed to the urge to shed their threads and take a promenade in the icy winter weather. Nor did I ever see them bite anybody, dog or human. I wonder what he would’ve done if he’d encountered a porcupine.

We are seeing more and more of this kind of behavior. Why? Could the fact that we “celebrate” all kinds of lunacy, and put extreme weirdos up on pedestals, have anything to do with it? Like, all right, call me a stick-in-the-mud, but this guy seems to be more than a few fries short of a happy meal.

We are waiting for the Democrat Party to spring him from jail and have him run for something.

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