A Review of ‘Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs’ (2015)

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Not really real, folks

I reviewed James A Herrick’s book for Chalcedon in 2015. The review is a little long, but I think you’ll find it worth reading.


I am always dumbfounded by how many stupid smart people there are, calling the shots in this fallen world, and by just how stupid they are. Really–is our “science” even real science anymore? We put men on the moon when our scientists used slide rules and a single computer filled a whole room. Now we can’t.

Herrick provides enough proof to choke a horse that in our popular culture, “science” and science fiction have merged into a hash of wishful thinking, unbridled speculation, and pure, unadulterated poppycock.

View it with extreme caution.

13 comments on “A Review of ‘Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs’ (2015)

  1. For the past couple of days, while hibernating from the cold, I’ve been watching movies from the 50’s while catching up on my crochet. I was fascinated by hearing them reference that far-off date in the future they were supposed to take place in, where we humans had bases on the moon from which we explored even further into space.


    We seem to have lost a hopefulness, optimism and daring belief in what we could accomplish, somewhere along the way.

  2. “Using technology wisely, we can control our environment, conquer poverty, markedly reduce disease, extend our life-span, significantly modify our behavior, alter the course of human evolution and culture development, unlock vast new powers, and provide humankind with unparalleled opportunity for achieving an abundant and meaningful life.” All we have to do is discard our “unproved and outmoded faith” in God.” So keep us rich in tax paid grants to we can entertain you, feed your fears, and control your mind because some of us even believe what we say. And if you don’t it’s YOUR fault, feel the guilt” said the stupid smart people so proud of their ADHD

    1. OOPS! …their ADHD education that left them in the wonderland of what most of them really believe science can do (and others enjoying making money from another hoax that enough people will believe to perpetuate it) and not having a clue that God created science too.

    2. Good grief! Them, not you. I have used that quote from the Fathead Manifesto (ever notice that every gaggle of dunderheads has a “manifesto”?) many times, but I’m still in awe of what a load of crap it is. Who do these nitwits think they are?

    3. Phew! Thanks. Oh, you mean I shouldn’t have gotten a prize for it? [lol-sarc]. These “nitwits” believe sum ergo cogito.

  3. This is the trash that has bugged me for so many years. Young people, attending public schools are being so screwed up, most of them will never recover. In each church I have attended, I have made it a point to speak with the teachers in the youth classes about the danger, and have provided materials for them to use to try to combat this garbage. I also pray for them all the time, that the Lord would protect their minds from all this garbage.

  4. Kind of like Morgan Freeman playing God in a movie, then the Science Channel has him narrate a series on Cosmology.

    Chesterton said that when people specialize in a subject or field they get to the point where they can’t see beyond it and so become blinded to the obvious. This applies to a lot of smart stupid people. It seems like it always the Intelligentsia that goes for the opposite of the true way of living.

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