The First 30 Days

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As I write this, it’s four sizzling Global Warming degrees outside! What do you want to bet the shysters at NOAA will announce that this January has been the warmest month ever in recorded history? Aw, that’s a sucker bet! They say that every month.

We are on a mission to crack the 100,000-view mark in 2019, which we did come close to doing last year. I say “we” because I really can’t do it without you.

After 30 days, not counting today, our January views totaled 9,000 and change. Do that every month, and you either get 108,000 views or an F in Arithmetic.  So that’s good, that’s on target–although this Tuesday and Wednesday the totals were so far below the average, I was beginning to wonder if WordPress was broken or something.

February has only 28 days, so it’ll be hard to rack up 9,000 views for that. But February might see the comment contest heating up, so that’ll be fun. Everyone is eligible, even Nancy Pelosi–let’s see those comments come rolling in.


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15 responses to “The First 30 Days

  • Re-Farmer

    I caught a headline today, where Bill Nye apparently said that, because of anthropogenic global warming, the US will have to start growing its food in Canada.

    To which I say, while looking at my weather app that tells me it’s “warmed up” to -34C, with a wind chill of -48C, bring it on!


  • Phoebe

    We’re up to a nice mild 7 degrees F right now, after ovenights of subzero. Ah, what balmy weather. But, this being Central Ohio, we’re supposed to be in the 40s by Sunday, with the Polar Vortex veering north tonight — probably because of the blowback of hot air from the Statehouse and the University. 🙂

    The latest term they’re trying to use now — instead of Global Warming or Climate Change, which people have mostly laughed at — is Extreme Weather. (Uh, does anyone remember how these same alarmists used to insist that “climate isn’t weather”?) Extreme weather. As opposed to what? And when? And how extreme is “extreme”? In Fort Worth, we used to say that we could get all four seasons in one day. And take a look at the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to get a picture of really extreme weather, both hot and cold, wet and dry — in the 19th century on the frontier with no people around to anthropogene (a new verb!) the extremes except those nature-loving Indians.

    Bah, humbug.

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  • marlene

    Congratulations! You’ve been worried for awhile. Now you can “chill” out.



    Glad to hear your site is getting the hits!


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    It is suppose to be 70* in my part of Arkansas this Sunday. Funny how the climate changes – not.


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