‘Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture’ (2015)

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“When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all”  –Paul Simon

Well, Paul, I’ve got news for you: the crap doesn’t stop when you leave high school, and most of us don’t stop “learning” it. And science and its joined-at-the-hip twin, science fiction, are among the chief purveyors of culture-killing horses***.

Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture

Would it surprise you to hear that a lot of people can’t tell the difference anymore between science and science fiction? Some are not even aware that there is a difference.

Culture-killing, and stuffing people’s minds with made-up piffle that they wind up thinking is true, are serious matters indeed. I think I’d better post the review I wrote for Chalcedon, going into this subject in more depth.

And speaking of science fiction… Today’s temperature is a balmy Globble Warming 4 degrees!

4 comments on “‘Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture’ (2015)

  1. It reminds me of the quote, “stand for something, or fall for anything.” We have a lot of new myths people are falling for.

  2. Wow, your still-air temperature got all the way up to 4 degrees this morning? That is truly Globble Warming indeed! Ours was at MINUS 4 degrees when I got up this morning. So there, nyah. 🙂

    Well, okay, we’re up to 7 degrees right now, in early afternoon. So maybe the Globb is warming after all. (I was going to write “the Glob,” but it sounded too much like a science fiction movie. And there, I got almost back to the subject of your original post, see?)

    1. I can take the cold, but the high winds really annoy me: can’t keep the tarp on my bike. Yesterday I actually staked down the tarp–only to see it blown into the sky a few minutes later, and the stakes thrown out like baseballs.

  3. It is the same here. Wind almost all the time, and not gentle winds, either.
    My son had his staked-down tarps blown away twice so far. And the temp is not that pleasant, either; around 10 when I got up, finally got up to a whopping 14.

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