Loony Leftids Update

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Not really Napoleon: just another Democrat candidate for Emperor

As I waited for the comment contest winner to emerge, a brief visit to Free Republic gave me another pair of breaking news stories.

The Washington Post and CNN are upset that President Trump has installed a $50,000 golf simulation room in the White House. Buried in the depths of the story is the fact that Mr. Trump paid for it with his own money. Guess who would have paid for a golf simulator for President *Batteries Not Included. You can find that person in the mirror.

And you may have heard that Amazon was going to open up a great new corporate headquarters in New York City, complete with jobs galore–but no. As of today, Amazon is pulling out due to what they’re calling “a backlash” among NYC leftids. With bartender-turned-Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leading the charge, they scared Amazon off with a lot of intemperate speech about “exploiting the Workers” and making too much money. New Yorkers didn’t need those jobs after all, did they? They must be happy to know the Green New Deal crowd is protecting them from working.

Maybe they can get jobs counting genders.

8 comments on “Loony Leftids Update

  1. I’m really glad I’m not young. I would hate to think I had many more years of living in this nut house.

  2. Thank you so much, and I very much appreciate all of you, too. It is the meat heads that aggravate me. This blog is one of my favorite things every day.

  3. These people have no relationship with reality. It’s all emotion and baseless accusation. Honestly, it reminds me of grade school, playground politics.

    1. Well, the deal’s off in New York because the leftids demanded all the jobs be unionized. They also do not understand that tax abatement is always part of the deal.

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