Unbearable Suspense!

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Unless I’m very much mistaken, today will see a winner in our current comment contest. Yes, some enterprising reader will be the one to post Comment No. 40,000.

At the moment there are only 30 more comments to go!

Unfortunately, it looks like there’s no way I can arrange for the winner to become a rodent, as promised at first. The legal issues appear insurmountable. So the winner will receive an autographed copy of my new book, The Temptation, as soon as it’s published, which should be soon.

And then, with the contest over, we shall sadly watch the volume of comments drop way, way down. I know, you don’t mean for it to be that way. And if I had a contest going all the time, it wouldn’t be as exciting as it ought to be. I’ll probably call the next one as we approach No. 45,000.

And wouldn’t it be great if I actually sold some books?

16 comments on “Unbearable Suspense!

  1. If I can’t be turned into a rodent myself, may I borrow the adorable little rodent in that picture for a while? I’ll give it back, I promise….

  2. This is another of your posts that came on in the wrong box and had no place for comment until I was able to move it just now.
    I hope this does bring book sales for you. I have recommended your books to other, but don’t know if they took action or not.

  3. I wonder why I became Justin the rodent in the first place… the chemicals the company uses for the process must have been oozing out of the computer, out of the cactus picture to be precise. Meanwhile my brother’s still a cactus… any suggestions for a cure?…

    1. I suggest, Mr. Josh, that yo’ brother should drink 346.9 milliliters of cold Root Beer, with 4.5 ice cubes inside the cup. That should do the trick!

    2. Wow! Thanks… Josh… my brother’s back to normal, although we found the steps pretty hard to follow…

    3. Machu Picchu (my pleasure), my friend! He,he,he… And let me reveal myself… I am the Unidentified Fanatic Oaf!!! 👾

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