‘Journalists’ Fall for Another Hoax

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Speaking of noozies totally falling for hoaxes and rushing to “report” false information as “news”…

Last week The New York Times, Washington Post, and Bloomberg News all shouted from the housetops the “news” that a new “study” had revealed massive discrimination against women in the high-tech industry (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/02/18/journalists-fall-for-completely-fake-stats-about-sexism-in-tech/). According to the hoax, when women applied for tech jobs without revealing their sex, 54% of them were offered interviews; but when they did reveal that they were women–thousands of ’em, by the way–only 5% were invited to an interview.

Oops. The source of this “study” is no longer available, no one can find its supposed authors, it wasn’t published anywhere–and it may not actually exist in any form at all!

That didn’t stop the noozies from leaping aboard the bandwagon and using each other as their sources. When I was a newspaperman, they used to call that “rewrite”: lift the story from another paper and change a few of the words.

Now they’ve got egg on their faces and are quietly whispering their mea culpas.

It never occurred to anyone in the noozerooms that the story was preposterous on its face. Like, only 5% of computer jockeys are women? You mean people who get paid real money for being reporters… believed that? Even for a minute?

Of course they did. It fits their “narrative” that America is a sexist hell-hole and needs to be ruled by liberals with Hillary Clinton in the White House. Only leftids can clean up this mess! So they ran with the story. Like they always do.

In writing the First Amendment, complete with its guarantee of freedom of the press, our country’s founders never anticipated that practically the whole freakin’ news industry would make itself worthless as a source of information. Live and learn.

Meanwhile, we can’t be confident that any of the nooze we hear is true.

6 comments on “‘Journalists’ Fall for Another Hoax

  1. Yep, freedom of the press is not freedom to lie. They’d all be gone if they were held accountable for their fabrications. The talking heads of fake news are more like the bobbleheads of lies. They’ll say anything they’re told to say with just a tap on their foreheads. They don’t have to believe what they say. It’s their job to make US believe what they say. Recently my grandson told me about something he heard on fakestream news. I asked him in astonishment why he actually watches these dribblers. He said “they’re funny. Everyone knows they’re lying about things only a moron would believe. Then we change the channel and hear them all saying the same thing, it’s hysterical. Then we have fun making jokes about the people we know who tell us they believe them. It’s so funny, nana, people are so stupid.”
    Ahh…so proud of him…

    1. Oh my. Thank you.
      I’m still working on the youngest of my 3 grandsons who says he voted for Sanders but doesn’t want socialism. Sure, he’s confused, but he has at least one foot on the right side.

    2. LOL. No one in my family voted for Clinton, but even with one Sanders member it “feels like being related to” a horse thief for me too. And I have less than one year to change his stubborn mind. Coincidentally, he believes in God, the Father, but doesn’t know Jesus. And i’m running out of time for that too.

  2. The default position is to not believe anything the MSM reports, or at least the bias slant they give it. Many don’t know this, but Hillary Clinton is really the President in hiding and each morning issues the talking points for the MSM – why else do they all use the same expressions like “a lynching party.”

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