The Easiest Question in the World to Answer

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In the wake of yet another ballyhooed “hate crime” revealed as a hoax–instantaneously embraced by every prominent Democrat, celebrity, and nooze media dullard–a writer for asks what has to be the easiest question in the world to answer:

“Why does the media keep falling for obvious hoaxes?” (

Ooh-ooh, I know! I know! [Raises hand, waves it furiously; jumps up and down in seat]

Uh, it’s because they want these stupid stories to be true!

They have this “narrative”–euphemism for “stupid mythology that only a real jerk would believe in”–that says America is this hateful, violent, racist, homophobic, sexist, no-good stinkin’ place that perversely refuses to allow itself to be ruled and managed and dictated to by liberals. So naturally us Americans attack Persons Of Color and Proud LGBTQ Persons every chance we get. We usually wear our MAGA hats, too, when we do it.

So some drip of a TV celebrity manufactures a “hate crime” and every lib shouts their outrage from the housetops–and it turns out not to be true.

Mark Steyn once said, commenting on yet another phony hate crime, “Now they’re mad at us for not hating them enough!” Bullseye, brother.

But the fake nooze media want those stories to be true, so whenever they catch the scent of one, they run with it. And when the lie trips them up, they immediately start hunting for another.

9 comments on “The Easiest Question in the World to Answer

  1. Netflix’s obama-controlled movies are even worse. The propaganda is over the top. Yes, the fake media is being used to “fundamentally change” the way we think; to believe something even if it’s proven to be a lie because once the lie is out of the bag, they know there are enough people who will still believe it. And their eventual admission that they were wrong is no more effective than a judge telling the jury to disregard that statement.

    Today, with the common denominator having gotten so low and the lack of logic and cognitive training gone, more students fall prey to this massive media control not only because they’re vulnerable but because they’re fearful. And fear turns to hate. And hate turns to rage. And they become so confused within themselves as to who they are that their entire identity depends on the others around them, to feel “safe.” And of course, there’s always those with the biggest mouths, squeaking to the rest of them, that get the oil.

    1. Even now, most Dems still believe the original, totally inaccurate, reports that the kids from Covington High School went out of their way to mock the “Native American protester.” Those reports have been shown to be entirely untrue–but as liberal academics are so fond of saying, there’s no such thing as truth.

  2. The very first time I heard about the Smollett “incident”, it sounded too over the top to be true. Anyone with any critical thinking skills would have picked up on the red flags immediately, but the media is so biased that they wanted it to be true. That goes for many celebrities also.

  3. “America is this hateful, violent, racist, homophobic, sexist, no-good stinkin’ place that perversely refuses to allow itself to be ruled and managed and dictated to by liberals.” This is exactly what Senator Bernie Sanders actually said in his TV commercial announcing his bid for the 2020 Presidency, except he said all these bad American traits are culminated in one person, Donald Trump. I know it is not Christian to think this, but I wish someone would be the crap out of Bernie Sanders the way they beat the crap out of Lawrence of Arabia.

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