‘The Dream Police’ (2016)

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Can you be held responsible for anything you say or do in someone else’s dream?

Liberal smacks his forehead and cries, “Why didn’t we think of that!”

The Dream Police

This, of course, was a satire. Somehow it seems less satirical than it did three years ago.

Thank God that Hillary Clinton isn’t president…

4 comments on “‘The Dream Police’ (2016)

  1. I love the reference to Prof. Joe Djugashvili! So when do the show trials begin? Will there be popcorn? Or is that cultural appropriation of Native American maize consumption?

  2. I think if we don’t vote for any member of congress or State Dept we’re halfway there. The other half requires a strong pushback fight against blue voter fraud and machine rigging. Only those who support climate change, among other liberal nonsense, believe they can prove what doesn’t exist.

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