Cats Being Good with Birds

How do these parrots and parakeets know the cats won’t hurt them–even when they go out of their way to tease and bother kitty? Like, it would be soooo easy to be turned into an expensive mouthful of feathers!

Well, okay, some of those grey parrots are as big or bigger than the kittens they’re playing with: and they don’t hurt the kittens, although I’m sure they could.

The more you watch animals, the more surprises you get.

2 comments on “Cats Being Good with Birds

  1. These are rather surprising, especially the bird picking at the cat’s ear. I am surprised the cat slept on through that.

  2. It seems obvious that the birds aren’t even slightly afraid of the cats, although some of those cats were afraid of the birds. 🙂 A beautiful picture of things to come.

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