My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 21 (‘Educating Ourselves into Oblivion’)

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Should schooling make you stupid? We think not–but that’s what it’s doing. It’s also sucking up vast amounts of money that would be better spent on almost anything else.

Educating Ourselves Into Oblivion

One thing can’t be denied: Kill public education, and leftism dies.

The system’s ruined beyond repair, and most be junked and replaced.

4 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 21 (‘Educating Ourselves into Oblivion’)

  1. This has been a priority with me for years. I have tried to at least get Sunday School teachers to make sure they counter act the sorry mess with the students that have been entrusted to them, and to urge parents to home school.

  2. I helped out at an elementary school yesterday for a class labeled “Special Programs.” I get there at 11:45 am to work half a day because my radiation treatments make me tired. Well, the class consisted of 4th-6th graders who have AAHD – 19 of them, and most of them have parents who have forgotten to give them their medicine. There is one para-teacher to help out. The classroom is total bedlam the whole time. Talk about a dumping off grounds for the unruly. I would ask them the most basic questions and they didn’t have a clue of the answer. The lady Principal made an appearance to thank me for coming. What a relief when the class had a pull out for Art at the end of the day. I sure felt sorry for the Art teacher.

    1. There are a lot of people out there who wonder about ADHD and drugging the kids. As someone on the scene, I would listen to you. Where does normal restlessness (because school is boring) or rambunctiousness end and ADHD–if it’s even real–begin? Do certain kinds of schools see more of it than others? And how were we able to manage schools for many generations before the drugs were invented?

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