How Evilution it works!!!

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Som guy on lee’s stopid blogg he dont know “how” Evilutoin it works and so “he” has askd me To explane it to him I gess he never wented to Collidge “or” mayby he has fourgot waht he lernt “there” but now i Will explane!

A cupple billyin yeers ago thare “was” monkies in Ohio and one of Themb he figgered out how to Stand Up and he teached the other monkees how to “do” it and thay had Bayby Monkees that aslo standed up and wauked and so thay “all” wauked offf to Affricka ware “they” Evulved into humban beans!!! I has put up a Chart to show how that hapened!

Affter thay was humban thay dicidid thay whanted to has Dogs,, the frist Dogs thay wer sortof like Ammebas but thay Evulved into dogs i amb Sorry i “culdnt” fined a Chart that shows it but the probblum was thay wer Bad Dogs!! so the peple Thay dicidid to teetch the Dogs to feeel Gillty wen evver thay done somthing Bad!!! and than the Dogs thay has Puppees that acted Gillty wen than don a Bad Thing!! Thats How Evilution whurks!!!!!! And “now” themb Cave Men thay alyaws knowed witch Dog it “was” that peed on the Flour of the Cave!! becose the dog that done it acted Gillty!

I pitty ordrinary dum peple witch “hasnt” goed to Collidge,, no wunder thay dont know annything! Yiu cant know nothing “unlest” yiu go to Collidge and yiu has got to stay thare “untill” yiu lern enohgh to be a Interllectural!!!


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  1. It all makes perfect sense now. If I do something I shouldn’t do, I can jump down on the floor, roll over on my back and pretend to wag the tail I don’t actually have. Eventually, I’ll grow a tail, and I too will have evolved from an amoeba, into a dog. If I do this sort of thing enough times, I can get a job as a politician of the Far Left and never do another bit of useful work in my life. Retirement, here I come! 🙂

    1. How many generations would it take for people who flap their arms all day, every day, to evolve into people with wings?

      I wonder if I should offer an “Ask Joe College” feature. He seems to have straightened you out pretty good.

    2. I would say five generations would do the trick. At any moment we are five generations from growing wings and taking flight. I say five, because Joe and most of his peers can usually count that high, if given enough time and infinite do-overs. 🙂

  2. When you really think about it, evolution makes no sense. How does inert matter becoming living matter, and organize itself into an organism on its own without any intelligent thought behind it? It sounds more like magic, and requires more faith than believing in a creator.

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