Austerity for Thee but not for Me

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If you look inside the crook of his right elbow, you can see a nice big juicy hamburger on a platter–just the kind of meal us peasants shouldn’t be allowed to have.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose name means “ridiculous” in Japanese, has famously told us that we “shouldn’t” eat hamburgers anymore, ’cause we gotta Save The Planet from cow farts or something.

Only she was photographed at a restaurant the other night, with her chief of staff, and her chief of staff was chowing down on a nice big burger (

What? It’s OK for politicians and their hangers-on to have a burger, but not for us?

Naturally the photographer posted the pictures on Twitter, touching off a storm of comments pertaining to Ridiculous and her hypocrisy. Like, who’s surprised? Like, who ever saw a liberal practicing austerity? And don’t go telling me John Kerry had a pretty plain and humble yacht, as yachts go.

So she called the photographer “creepy” for taking her picture in a public place, doing something she says we shouldn’t do, objected strenuously, and then maybe went out and had a couple of cheese-steaks.

11 comments on “Austerity for Thee but not for Me

  1. Yeah, it is known as hypocrisy Is anyone surprised? Kinda like Pelosi and her government plane loaded with bottles of booze for her and her guests on their jaunt home. grrrr.

  2. She reminds me of Michelle O, who, shortly after speeching to us that we should eat insects, was seen in a restaurant eating steak and lobsters for a $500 lunch! A pig’s a pig, but these lying thieves are boars. If there were bones in hypocrisy, they’d choke on them.

  3. Did Ridiculous-Cortez bicycle from her nonexistent home in New York to Washington? (No cars or planes allowed, remember?)

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