Bunnies & Dogs (and No One Gets Eaten)

I can easily imagine my mother’s horrified outburst at walking into the dining room and finding the rabbit and the dog on the table.

It’s extraordinary, though, that dogs and bunnies can play together without the bunny getting eaten. It’s because animals are smart enough to learn ways of life that owe nothing to their supposed “instincts”–if there even is such a thing, which I’m beginning to doubt. The only thing typical about animals is the ease with which they break out of typical.

4 comments on “Bunnies & Dogs (and No One Gets Eaten)

  1. What amazes me is that the rabbits are petrified by the presence of the dogs. That having been said, about an hour ago, I was outside and there was a little cottontail, perhaps 10’ away, and completely unconcerned by my presence.

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