How Come It’s Not ‘Hate’ When Libs Do It?

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“Not appropriate in this school”

A fourth-grade public school teacher in Utah seems to be pleading ignorance as her excuse for forcing a 9-year-old child to “wipe off” the Ash Wednesday cross from his forehead last week (

She thought it was “dirt on his forehead,” she claims. Uh, she is now on “administrative leave.” The boy tried to explain what it was, but says she wouldn’t listen–and she is also supposed to have said the Ash Wednesday cross was “not appropriate in this school, go wipe it off.”

When a public uproar ensued, the teacher apologized. “My whole life has been centered around respecting diversity,” she said. And, “I had no idea it was a religious symbol.”

Really? You really didn’t know? What do we get if we believe you?

Is there anyone who still doubts that the public education establishment is actively hostile to Christians and their faith? This is what you get when you send your Christian children to a public school. I mean, how many hundreds of incidents do we have to report before you get the message?

The only thing sacred to the teachers’ unions is Far Left politics and societal engineering. In John Dewey’s words, schoolteachers are “change agents.” Their job is to change America into God knows what. An anthill with Far Left crazies in charge of it all.

And if someone is honestly so ignorant as not to know about Ash Wednesday, what’s she doing “teaching” in the first place?

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