Affirmative Action for the Rich and Famous: College

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Hum baby! That college admissions scandal’s getting juicy! (

Imagine you’re a celebrity, rich and famous, and you want your kids to be rich and famous, too, like you: set for life. But there’s a problem. They’re stupid. They’re lazy. Pampered all their lives, they have no work ethic and they believe themselves entitled to the best of everything. How do you get such a jidrool into Yale?

Easy–you get a wheelbarrow full of money, take it to this great fixer whom you’ve heard about from other celebrities, he bribes college officials and coaches, and presto! Your talent-skips-a-generation offspring are admitted into Stanford. Along with the progeny of dozens of other fabulously wealthy white liberals.

And you thought affirmative action was only for poor black kids who can’t read!

Boy howdy, does this stink! Some “four dozen” rich folks have already been charged in this case, with more to come. They’ve paid colossal amounts of money to have smart kids take their kids’ SATs, or else “correct” the answers, to have deans and coaches arrange for the dullards’ grades to be changed so they can get their degrees–bribes galore: all, in the words of one FBI investigator, to “set their children up for success with the best money can buy.”

Hey! Now you know where some of those creepy little people come from, who inhabit the Deep State and the Swamp, accountable to no one, set for life, you never get a chance to vote them out because they never have to run. But that’s only the ones who got bored with just being rich and having everything handed to them, and who have developed the ambition to help Fundamentally Transform America into a Far Left basket case. The rest of them just lollygag.

Once you’ve been admitted to an elite university, the pressure’s off. The grades are massaged, the test scores are fixed, the professors warned not to mess with you–and your degree, and down the road a no-show job, it’s all in the bag. Welcome to a lifelong idyll of unearned and undeserved success!

In one case, a coach Photo-Shopped a prospective student’s picture to give him or her an athletic body that actually belonged to someone else. It seems there’s nothing they won’t do, to earn their bribes.

This is just beautiful all over. Virtually everybody has to go to college, you’ve got federal funding pouring in, it costs  a fortune to go, and the whole higher education establishment is sitting there like Jabba the Hutt atop a mountain of tenure, high salaries, lavish pensions–and the fun of “teaching” defenseless young people to be good little brain-dead liberals! It just doesn’t get any more corrupt than this.

I’m amazed our nation still exists. These “educators” and the creepy little people that they’ve trained should have buried it long ago. God knows they’ve tried.

Defund the universities now. Before it’s too late.

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  1. I read about this earlier today. How long will it be before people realize that the colleges no longer have ANY integrity? Degrees become meaningless when you can, in essence, buy a degree.

  2. The adage “Everyone has their price” appears to be alive and well in our elite college system. Does this story really surprise anyone? Hillary Clinton commits the same crimes as others and they go to jail but she gets off scot-free. Countries (for instance Mexico and India) are run on the bribe system. That system has been making end-roads in America, especially since God has been squeezed out of the public square.

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