Climate Cult: ‘This is How We Stopped Climate Change’

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Honest, you’ll like it! (Or else)

Paid for by the defenseless American taxpayer, National Public Radio recently featured “It’s 2050, and This Is How We Stopped Climate Change” ( Yowsah, yowsah, “A world without climate change!”

Where do you even begin, with such fat-headed hubris? A world without climate change? Hey, aren’t you guys the ones who are always clubbing us over the head with “settled science”? Do any of you have a Geology 101 textbook? Aren’t you supposed to be able to look at the rocks and tell what happened in the past? I mean, how did all those seashells wind up on the tops of mountains? What are all those whale fossils doing in the middle of the Sahara Desert? Think there might have been some climate change involved there? Don’t you bother to learn your own “science”?

So where the devil was this “world without climate change”? Oh–what’s that? It couldn’t happen until you guys came along, to make it happen? Hubris, man. That’s hubris.

Anyway, here’s how they’re gonna “stop climate change” by 2050, creating a paradise on earth.

*Solar and wind power will replace any and all other methods of generating electricity, giving us a “zero-carbon world.” See, we gotta have zero greenhouse gases by 2050, or we’re all gonna die. Or something.

*”Urbanization of everything”! Oh, peachy. No more suburbs allowed, no more cars, no more private homes, shove five families into every house–a la the Soviet Union, circa 1930. All housing will be multifamily housing, you’ll walk to work and like it, and no one, but no one, will ever be stressed out by being forced to live without space, without privacy.

Wait a minute–hasn’t that book already been written? Sure it has: The Hunger Games. They want us to live like we’re in The Hunger Games.

*Cut way back on the consumption of beef, replacing it with lots and lots of artificial food brewed up in the labs (“Soylent Green is people”) and it will taste real good, you won’t want White Castles anymore.

What do you want to bet our noble and glorious leaders, and their pet savants of Science, will continue to enjoy lavish mansions, private jets, limousines, and all the beef they can stuff into their mouths with both hands?

Boy, if we actually let them do this stuff to us–! Well, then we’d deserve it, wouldn’t we?



5 comments on “Climate Cult: ‘This is How We Stopped Climate Change’

  1. *Solar and wind power will replace any and all other methods of generating electricity, giving us a “zero-carbon world.”

    Wind power has been around for over a thousand years, and solar cells have been around for over a century. These are literally ancient technologies that they have repackaged as something “new” and revolutionary.

    None of these things will ever replace fossil fuel, at best it can only supplement it. Not only are they less efficient and more costly, but the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. Not to mention their toll on birds. She talks about electric cars and helicopters, but where does she that power comes from? Likely from coal mines.

    Fossil fuels have been a gift to humanity. Modern civilization would not exist without it, nor could we sustain a massive population without them. I believe God gave us fossil fuels as a resource for this time and history for a reason.

    1. Oh, that’s easy! “Batteries will hold all the power.” And where will the batteries get it from? Solar and wind, of course–it’s magic.

    2. I was in West Edmonton Mall, some years ago, visiting a store that sold minerals and fossils. It was owned by a scientist who gathered many of these himself, from around the world. An amazing guy, who was great to talk to. Also very into the metaphysical and spiritual properties of minerals.

      Which made it very interesting to see his little display of Alberta oil sands bitumen, in different stages of processing. Above it was a sign saying something along the lines of “when the Earth gives you a give, use it and be thankful for it.”

      I agree with the sentiment. Hydrocarbons are a gift that raised millions of people out of desperate poverty, improving our quality of life. It is nothing short of cruelty to deny these advantages to impoverished nations, insisting they should only use solar, etc.

    3. “[B]ut the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10

      Far Left Crazy hates the human race, inspired as they are by the Enemy, Satan.

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